Friday, December 14, 2012

Storm Damage & Curbing Progress

Many of us are aware the granite Bay Golf Club is fortunate to have our own weather station that constantly records weather data which is used in calculating a ET or evapotranspiration rate. The weather station recorded data from a fairly decent winter storm which started on November 28th and did produce some damage at the club. Here are some data comparisons  to last year.

Left hand bunker #18 full of silt from flooding that occurred
 adjacent to the lower cart barn the morning of 12/2/12.  This silt
had to be removed by hand prior to raking the trap to prevent
sand contamination. Once the storm subsided the bunker
completely drained.

Rainfall Totals YTD 2012 - 26.79"
Rainfall Totals 2011 - 24.05"
Rainfall Totals July - YTD 2012 (rain season July - June) - 10.99"
Rainfall Totals  July 2011 - June 2012 - 16.61"
Rainfall Totals  October 2012 - YTD - 10.99"
Rainfall Totals October 2011 - December 2011 - 5.19"

Interestingly the October through December comparisons recorded over twice as much rainfall this year then in 2011. Over 7" of the 10.99" that we received since October this year fell in a 8 day period between November 28th and December 5th. The weather station records hourly data and on Sunday morning December 2nd we recorded .90" of rain between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM. We believe the vast majority of this .90" actually occurred between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM in a deluge that did cause some problems at the club.

Storm damage to #5 fairway bunker awaiting repair. 

Our lower cart barn took on some water along with Tilleys and Kevin had to spend the week drying out golf carts which are now up and running, no worse for the wear and Mark had carpet drying to do. The sandtrap's for the most part had no standing water in them which is a testament to the drainage system. The flash flood did compromise the liner in some traps and caused some damage. The purpose of a bunker liner is to prevent contamination of the native soil with the sand in the bunker preventing discoloration and percolation of the sand. 

Above storm damage repaired with an
polymer / fiberglass infused
decomposed granite.
Only one tree casualty behind #8 green. 

Our plan to repair the damaged areas in the bunkers in #5 FW, #6G front, #12 FW is to patch these areas with a special polymer and fiberglass infused decomposed granite that we will pack into the compromised areas, let cure and replace the contaminated sand. This "bunker patch" material had to be made in dry conditions so we have just received a load and plan to start the repair process today, Friday 12/14/12. Next year in the spring or summer when conditions are dry we plan to re-spray our polymer liner over the patched areas which we hope will be a good recipe to fixing these issues in the future.

Green and Tee Curbing

As promised I wanted to provide a quick update on a project that anyone who has been out on the course playing the past month have noticed, and that is the curbing project  which we are just wrapping up. Firstly I want to apologize for not communicating the purpose and process of the project as thorough as I should have. I am keenly aware that the project has raised some eyebrows although I am confident that the finished product will not be an issue and vast improvement over stakes, chains and blocks in high impact areas around certain greens and tees.

#1 & #10 Tee Complex without the plastic blocks

Although this project was approved early in 2012, we got started on it later then originally planned and we need to complete it before the end of the year or lose the funds and have to go through another approval process. The purpose curbing in these high impact areas are to prevent the natural wear of turf along the cart path where players in golf carts instinctively pull over slightly to approach the green or tee. Repeated traffic in these areas produces worn out ugly turf which unless prevented can turn into ruts and mud holes. Traffic control measures prior to curbing were stakes, chains and blocks which  these new curbs will replace. 

Colored curbing during the finishing process

GB GCM personnel finishing curbing

Adding soil during the back-up process at #5 green
Having to complete the project before years end has not allowed us to "back up" the curbs as we go, which has probably caused the most questions as members are not seeing the finished product. Backing up these curbs is simply the process of filling the turf side of the curb with soil to grade and replacing the sod. This will create a easy transition to navigate by foot or with a push cart. The curbing has been designed with ADA  regulation's in mind  which requires reasonable access for potential disabled players. These access points will accommodate players with push carts that don't want to navigate the curbs. By the end of Friday 12/14/12 we will have backed up curbing on #2, #4 and #13 greens.

Replacing the sod during the back-up process #5 green.

The concrete pouring portion of the project will be completed next Tuesday 12/18/12. By the end of next week we should have all of the installed green side curbing backed up weather permiting, and by the end of the following week we should have all of the tee side curbing backed up. Some of the early curbing we poured did not have color in it. Subsequent curbs have been installed with color in the concrete and the  early curbing that doesn't quite match will be acid stained once properly cured and the weather is right. 

#5 green finished product

Thank you.

This will be the last course update of the year and on behalf of the Granite Bay Golf Course Maintenance team I would like to thank the Membership for their support of our efforts. This game played  on a living, breathing, evolving surface requiring both a scientific and artistic approach and most importantly, a collaboration between Members and we who are here to serve them. We are grateful for you generosity and patience as we continue to endeavor enhancing this great golf course which is Granite Bay. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year