Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Location for Bunker Rake Placement

At our most recent Golf Committee meeting the age old question of  where sand traps rakes should be placed was discussed. In  the USGA article, Experts Explain: Bunker Rake Placement, the topic is broken down because as the article explains "There is no rule on bunker rake placement"

The 2012 article goes on to explain that "The USGA recommends placing rakes outside of the bunker and parallel to the line of play, preferably along the outer edge of the bunker so that it will reduce the overall chance of it coming into play while eliminating its influence of a ball within a hazard"

After a reflective debate the committee agreed with the USGA recommendation's so golf course maintenance placed the rakes outside of the bunkers on the morning of 9/30/15. Driving the course the same afternoon afternoon confirmed this change will need some getting used too as many rakes were placed back in the bunkers. Unintended consequences such as more run over rakes and golf course maintenance issues are inevitable and anticipated but for now Granite Bay is going to "Rakes Out".