Friday, February 28, 2020

Spring 2020 Aeration

We hope everyone is enjoying this historically dry February and the fast & firm  golf course conditions it has brought with it. We had planned on some minor aeration events with the unusually condensed golf schedule this year however changes in summer plans along with this historic dry weather has forced our hands and we need to aerify the greens to get through the summer.

This coming Monday 3/2/20 we plan on deep tine aerating the greens. This procedure will not be nearly as aggressive as our past springtime aeration events, but will be noticeable. The presence of topdressing sand and widely spaced aeration holes will be evident for about a week. This summer we will have to increase our spiking with really small holes, but this usually doesn't effect putting quality, however the little holes are visible for a day or two afterwards.  

Vertidrain Deep Tine Aeration.

 Process depicted here is over a thick topdressing which was applied over the core aerated surface.
We wont be doing the core aeration, just the deep solid tine aeration so we will be using substantially less sand.
 Those holes might look big but they close up very rapidly as there was no core extracted, just a hole poked about 6" deep.

We will get a spring aeration schedule for the rest of the course out to the membership soon as we are planning around the condensed golf schedule. The planned  aeration processes at this point will be on the more frequent, less aggressive side, so disruption will be at a minimum.