Thursday, November 14, 2019

Golf Committee Minutes - October 2019

Club Management in conjunction with the Granite Bay Golf Club Golf Committee recently decided to use this Course Update as another vehicle to "get the word out" on what is going on at The Club regarding the golf experience and golf committee. Ed Reeder takes copious notes during the  golf committee meetings and then produces these minutes which are then distributed to the committee & club management for approval. Below are the approved minutes from  the October Golf Committee meeting and moving forward we will send them out through this course update as well  the already established distribution channels. 

Thanks Ed and all the committee members for  the steady guidance of the  Granite Bay Golf Club Golf Committee

Golf Committee October 1, 2019 Minutes


Michael Peabody, Dan Becker, Mike Nicoletti, Kevin Gil, Cary Greisen, Michelle Inouye, Ed Reeder, Jack Wright, John Korvin (Board of Governors).

Important Notice

Some Mondays private carts have been on the course.  This practice has to stop.  Mondays can be used to apply chemicals that can cause severe damage, approaching vandalism, if spread by carts to non-targeted areas of the course.  Violators are subject to suspension.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

General Manager Update

·         The 2020 budget is expected to be approved and course renovation details known within the next two weeks.
·         The county has still not approved the permits for Tilly’s kitchen.  The contractor is going to have a face-to-face to determine the cause for the delay.
·         Updated Dress Code and Code of Conduct documents are awaiting Club Corp legal approval.
·         A new Grill Manager will be in place within the next 10 days.
·         Our F&B ratings continue to be top shelf.

Pro Shop / Outside Services Update

·         Michael Parlett has been hired as our new Assistant Professional.  Michael has been a General Manager and a Head Professional.  Mike N will ease him into his new job, which includes attention to outside services and “customer service” between arriving at the range and the first tee.
·         Gabrielle Espinoza is a new inside services addition with past retail experience.
·         Mike N is aggressively training the new hires.  There will be increased manager presence on the range effective immediately.  This dedicated and regular/visible outside services management will hopefully address attention to detail, and increased consistency.
·         The Geo Fencing on the new carts is being fine-tuned.
·         The new cart speakers are too loud and a solution is being worked.
·         TaylorMade will replace our current range balls with new “Project (a)” balls after acknowledging they had supplied defective, compromised balls

Guest Policy

·         The new guest policy has been shared with the golf staff and the Membership Director.  It will be shortly be communicated to the membership.

Course Conditions and Renovation

For comprehensive information please check the Granite Bay Golf Club Course Update.
·         The newly sodded Bermuda is growing in well.  We will be applying fertilizer and later a pigment to improve its appearance while dormant.
·         The greens are in better post-aerification condition than at this time last year.
·         The new bunker edges are being well received.

Junior Golf Update

·         The Junior Club Championship trophies are on display.  The championship, open to those 18 and younger, will have four divisions and be held October 20th.  An information packet is available in the Pro Shop and will be communicated to the membership.
·         Pace of Play reminder – when playing with your Juniors continue to be aware of pace of play and its impact on other members.

Handicap Integrity / Reports                                                                

·         Jack reported an 89 percent compliance of posting scores.  Michelle reported 79% compliance.
·         Two scorecard boxes (Tilly’s and Pro Shop) will be provided for receipt of completed scorecards.  This will help gather data for eventual course handicap recalculations.

Attention to Detail

This is a portion of the meeting where the committee reviews and voices items that should be corrected or where GBGC comes up lacking when compared to other clubs.  They should be focused primarily on the Golf Experience.
Prior items:
·         #5 bathroom walkway – loose tile, trip hazard.
-- In 2019 all bathrooms will be repainted and tile replaced/repaired.  This is currently in process and awaiting final budget approval. Note that the tiles have been replaced.
·         #10 fairway too narrow/rough too wide when using Pebble tees.
-- There will be tree trimming and likely the contours will be smoothed when the course is re-sodded.
·         #13 decomposed granite path needs repair (from rear of green to cart path).
-- Is this still a need? It was agreed that it was
·         Desire a shortcut path from #14 green to #15 Pebble tees.
Action Item: Matt –It is on the list to be done.
·         Tee box benches are not positioned where needed and should be refinished
-- Latest decision is to have benches only on par 3
Action Item: Matt –Reseal the needed benches.
·         Trees on #11 need to be trimmed – both to allow sight of the green and to allow walking underneath.
·         It was suggested that a new Tournament tee be added to #11.
·         #9 cart path needs repair.
·         The cart barn air nozzle is missing its tip (it was replaced but the nozzle is too long).
·         The cart barn is cluttered, as is the Bag Storage area (especially the battery recharge shelf), but is being addressed.
·         Have a box for tees, scorecard, pencils, etc. at the two “desks” near the bag drop and the main putting green.
·         #5 cart path needs repair.
·         #6 pin positions have not been following the customary alternating “right/left” placement.

This month’s unfiltered items:

·         None.

Locker Room Attendant

·         An attendant has been hired and Mike P and John Korvin will define his duties.

Tournament Update

·         The Tilly’s Cup is on-going and will likely last through year end.
·         The Couples Tournament and Mini-Mac were both well run and well received.
·         October will have a Couples Invitational (Member/Guest) and our Club Championship.  Check the ClubLine app for details.

 Junior, Busy Day, etc. “impacts and protocol”

·         A number of range positions will be designated with priority given to those needing to warm up prior to their tee time.  Signs are made and their use will be communicated to the membership.  They will be in place during the busy months of June, July, and August.

Range Beautification /“Within 200 yard of Clubhouse” Asthetics

This effort is on hold pending budget details.

New Business

The current On Boarding process for new members will be updated and sent to the Golf Committee for comments.
Action Item: Mike N – Update the process draft and distribute for electronic review.
Other area courses have short videos that cover course care, etiquette, etc.  It was agreed that it would be a good idea for GBGC to do the same.  They can be sent to the membership and/or played on our new cart’s screens.
Action Item: Michael P –Determine who will take the lead on video content and production
GBGC is an NCGA member club and can have a “Club Officer” to liaise with the NCGA, getting information on such things as trips, tournaments, seminars, etc.
Action Item: Dan –Recruit a Club Officer.

Next Meeting Dates (all 4pm)

11/19, 12/18 (subject to change).

Thursday, October 17, 2019

2019 Club Championship Course Setup

We will be doing something a little different this year with course setup for the  Club Championship starting tomorrow Friday 10/18/19 through the weekend and wanted to address those differences here to help with potential confusion.

All flags will be yellow starting tomorrow, Friday 10/18/19 and holes will be positioned
according to the pin sheets below.

We will be playing preferred lies in the fairways as there is still seed germinating in some areas and we can't completely turn off the irrigation. Additionally we will be painting hazards as usual and double cutting and rolling greens which is customary as well. The big difference is we will be using yellow flags on the pins throughout the course all three days.  Since not everyone playing  over the next three days will be competing in the Club Championship we wanted to give you a heads up and post the pin sheets here. Below are the pin sheets that will be handed out to both competitors and non competitors throughout the weekend.

Good Luck To All Competitors

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Fall Aeration & Project Update #25

Last Monday September 23 was the Autumnal Equinox signifying the beginning of fall in the northern hemisphere. For those who are interested check out this cool video from National Geographic depicting these celestial movements as only  National Geographic can. 

This is the date that we have always circled on our maintenance calendar as "The Day" that everything turns around from our customary summer setbacks with our cool season turf. Welcome weather relief is still the case as the vast majority of playing surfaces at Granite Bay are still cool season turf. However the first phase of our turf conversion from cool season to warm season hybrid bermuda which began in 2019 with green surrounds and #17 fairway have us a little torn. We need the cool nights and short days to recover and germinate ryegrass seed for the cool season surfaces but also welcome continued warm weather that will help further establishment our new warm season hybrid bermuda sod. 

#12 surround contrasted with the ryegrass rough. Color and texture are different as coll season turf is 
beginning to accelerate in growth and the new hybrid bermuda is slowing down.

Cool season recovery is under way and in a very short period of time all imperfections will be filled in with perennial ryegrass. Lots of seed has been seeded into the playing surfaces, covered with sand and compost and fertilized and is germinating as we speak. But again on the other hand the new warm season turf in the surrounds and #17 fairway have slowed down. 

7 week old hybrid bermuda sod around #10 green. Not completely even and now that the weather
has changed it is questionable whether it will completely even out before winter as its growth

has slowed down with the advent of fall. 

We need to remember the conversion to warm season turf takes time. It has to be established in the summer months because that is when it is actively growing. We put down the first batch of sod only 8 weeks ago and shortly afterwards started to experience an cooler then normal fall in late September. We have plans to mitigate color as the new Santa Anna creeps into dormancy but the hybrid bermuda will slow down to a crawl as far as growth is concerned. The texture inconsistencies we currently experiencing primarily in the surrounds will be a temporary condition that we will have to work through this fall and upcoming winter. Next year, after its first full year of establishment  these inconsistencies will be a thing of the past.

Upcoming Tee Over Seeding & PG Aeration

We still have tee over seeding to get done and will be working on this starting next Monday. We will get the driving range tee aerated and overseeded so it will be closed for four weeks  until Jones Cup weekend. Additionally we still have to aerify the upper practice green and Tilleys. We are going to do something different to the PG's rather then traditional core aeration which will be virtually unobtrusive yet very effective. The process is called  Dryject and is one of may new aeration strategies that we will be looking at for the future particularly with a potential re-surfacing of our putting surfaces in 2020. Dryject utilizes high pressure water to inject sand deeply into the putting surface. After a quick brushing and rolling the surface will perform as if nothing were done and the injection holes evident in the pictures above will recover within days. Look for some GBGC pictures and an update following Mondays procedure. Below are a few more internet pictures.

Friday, September 13, 2019

The Project at GBGC Update #24

We are just at six weeks since the conclusion of sodding #17 fairway and the fairway itself is ready for golf activities but the surrounding rough  was pretty worked over during the construction process and until recently was not ready for golf. We decided to remedy the most  damaged and trafficked part of the holes rough with sod this week so we can open the hole and you can start playing 18 holes of golf.

#17 fairway on Friday 9/13/19. 

Therefore this coming Tuesday 9/17/19 we are going to open #17 with prefered lies and cart path only, only seven weeks after the first phase of sod was installed. We are playing preferred lies throughout the course anyway because of ongoing aeration and overseeding and the need to keep these areas wet for seed germination. Cart path only on the hole is prudent because the new sod adjacent to the cart path will only be a few days old on opening day and the rough on the left hand side of the fairway still needs some growing time.

New sod installed along the cart path on Friday 9/13/19

We still have some work to do such as adding new yardage markers that have not yet arrived, adding sand to the bunkers and continuing sand topdressing of the surface. Remember all of the hybrid bermuda turf we installed just weeks ago is still very immature and does not resemble a seasoned hybrid bermuda playing surface yet and likely won't until next year. However it is ready for golf activities and we don't want to inconvenience our members any longer although there will be no exceptions on  cart path only. We need to keep carts off of the hole for awhile and I don't have an estimate when that will change.

#17 Fairway close up.

Friday, September 6, 2019

2019 Fall Aeration Update

Putting surface aeration went well on Tuesday 9/3/19 and the greens should recover fairly quickly with near perfect weather and a not as aggressive process this time around. We had some mechanical difficulties on Thursday 9/15/19 that stalled us on fairway aeration but we are making up some lost ground this morning Friday 9/6/19 before any large wave of golfers.

Next week schedule is below. Our goal is to finish fairway aeration, first wave of seeding and topdressing of remaining fairways, as well as getting surrounds aerated and fertilized. We should be able to accomplish this with a front 9 and back 9 alternating closure until 2:30 PM on just Tuesday and Wednesday.  We are looking forward to fall and the cooler weather, shorter days and the cool season turf rejuvenation it brings.

  • Monday 9/9/19 - Topdressing FW's                 Course Closed
  • Tuesday 9/10/19 - Surrounds Aeration            Front 9 Closed till 2:30 PM
  • Wednesday 9/11/19 - Surrounds Aeration        Back 9 Closed till 2:30 PM

Enrique aerifying #12 fairway this morning

#12 after a application of topdressing sand


Granite Bay has always needed to recover from summer losses of our cool season turf and 2019 is no exception. We typically go through 10 tons of  perennial ryegrass seed at a cost of over $20,000. In order for that investment, and more importantly course conditions to recover, this seed  needs to remain wet during the first two weeks on the ground so it can germinate and establish. Because of that necessity the golf course will be purposely wet over the next couple weeks so much so that we might have to call for cart path only for a few days. 

Two tons of perennial ryegrass seed in the maintenance yard awaiting the seeders. This seed, and more will be distributed onto the course over the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

2019 Fall Aeration

There will be no rest for the weary as we have our fall aeration pre scheduled  date's rapidly arriving next week. Despite lots of rumblings of what we are doing to the course in 2020 we still have a fall and winter season of 2019 to get through and aeration is essential to having healthy playing surfaces during this time. Not to mention aeration's role in recovery from yet another summer. Below is a schedule on what we have planned and the associated golf course closures.

  • Tuesday 9/3/19 - Putting Surface Aeration     Course Closed
  • Wednesday 9/4/19 - Front 9 FW Aeration       Front 9 Closed till 2:00 PM
  • Thursday 9/5/19 - Back 9 FW Aeration           Back 9 Closed till 2:00 PM
  • Monday 9/9/19 - Topdressing FW's                 Course Closed
  • Tuesday 9/10/19 - Surrounds Aeration            Front 9 Closed till 2:00 PM
  • Wednesday 9/11/19 - Surrounds Aeration        Back 9 Closed till 2:00 PM
  • Thursday 9/12/19 - TBD                                   TBD

For anyone interested, click here and scroll down a bit to see a step by step process of how we aerify the putting surfaces.

Thanks for your support 

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Project at GBGC Update #22

No drop zones in the surrounds any longer, just four weeks after the first sod was laid and in the cases of #'s 2, 4 & 8 only 10 days and #'s 13,14 & 16 only 7 days. The sod itself has already rooted down but is uneven and not an ideal playing surface yet. We have already started mowing most of the surrounds and adding topdressing so it won't be long before it is smooth and playable. In the meantime bump you ball (preferred lies) and avoid the newly sodded steep bunker faces if you could please.

#17 fairway has been mowed several times, rolled a couple & topdressed once since sod installation only four weeks ago today. Additionally we have made a first pass seeding of the rough that was dried down to facilitate construction traffic. No time frame on opening #17 yet as we still have to lower the cut in the fairway, continue to topdress and roll to get it smooth, install yardage markers and new bunker sand just to name a few things on our punch list. A clue to when we will be close to opening is when you see the rough start to fill in and green up. 

Newly sodded steep bunker fingers should be avoided  for  just a little bit longer please.

Enrique topdressing #17 fairway on Monday 8/26/19 just under four weeks after installation.