Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ahead of Schedule

What Should We Do?

Our original plan was to take the month of March and complete the traps on #15. After that our plan was to commence with greens aeration as scheduled followed by aeration of the rest of the course. Following the aeration we planned to finish the rest of the greenside bunkers on #13, #17 and #12 well before the Mac Cup. However because we are ahead of schedule, and on a roll so to speak, we have decided to tackle the two bunkers on #13 starting next week and complete them both in two weeks.
Based on the success of moving the sand out of the bunkers on #15 and fixing the area on #16 we thought we would execute a similar move on #13.

The exit for carts to approach the green on #13 is through a small narrow area that has drainage problems right in front of the large rock next to the cart path. The turf in this area always struggles and the primary culprit is concentrated cart traffic funneling into the only space they can logically exit. We plan to strip off about 3000 sq.ft. of sod and soften the area with the sand removed from the traps on #13. This will definitely help the current situation by encouraging, with movable directional signs more of a scattered golf cart disbursement to the path from the fairway.

Some may argue that this “softening” detracts from the original design and strategy of the hole. However you could argue the cart path was not part of the original design and strategy of the hole and its presence dramatically alters what happens to shots over there.
The specific area is about 80 feet along the cartpath from the large rock to where the turf flattens out to the path. We will re-sod on April 1st and the area should be open for play at that time and to cart traffic weeks afterward when the sod is firmly established.

Traffic worn area #13

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