Friday, November 30, 2012

Tis The Season To Do Projects

Although we'll have some wet weather to maneuver, the late fall and through the winter is the best time to get projects done on the golf course. This is primarily due to turfgrass needs being minimal once the days have gotten shorter and cooler and we don't have to irrigate or mow as frequently. 

Forming curbs along #4 tee. This is a four week project
we need to complete before the end of the year.
We have a list of projects longer then our ability to complete with some of the usual suspects and some new for Granite Bay. New for Granite Bay and immediately following Thanksgiving we are going to start a curbing project along small sections of cart paths, primarily near tees and greens. Golf carts, as we all know, are a big part of modern golf and can be detrimental to the turfgrass playing surfaces making traffic control a necessity to protect the turf. Currently we employ an assortment traffic control measures including stakes & chains and those hideous 4 X 4 - 18" high plastic blocks on a spike along green and tee cart path edges to protect the turf from a cart drivers natural inclination to pull over when parking.

Shoveling concrete into the forms.

Covering the newly poured and finished curb #13 green.
Rainy weather is something we have to deal with while
doing projects at this time of the year.

These stakes & chains and blocks on a spike are marginally more attractive then the wore out turf they are in place to protect, hence the need for curbs. Admittedly this project is more about aesthetics then it is about playability although protecting turf along paths near greens is definitely a playability concern, not to mention eliminating the obstruction of the current traffic control measures. I will provide details on the process which gets started in earnest on Monday, November 26. We have four weeks to complete the project so it will be an all hands on deck effort. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

Other projects that we have slated for the late fall of 2012 & winter of 2013  is the always well received pruning and clearing along with more irrigation coverage work. Additionally we have some diffused oxygen diffusers or bubbler's are slated for installation in both the irrigation pond between #1 & #9 and the pond in front of #3. These oxygen diffusers will add oxygen to the ponds and substantially help with the ponds biology and water clarity particularly in the summer months.

Painting the perimeter fence on Roseville Parkway
between storms.

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