Friday, August 28, 2015

Traffic Control

We all know that cart traffic can be hard on the turfgrass playing surfaces here at Granite Bay,  particularly in the summer months and preventing this damage that may occur was a  topic of discussion at a recent golf committee meeting. A couple of changes were discussed and we recently adopted these strategies we hope will help. One of the changes was the addition of traffic indicators directing cart traffic onto a golf hole and another set of indicators directing traffic off of the golf hole.

These traffic indicators are  six inch green and white stake's that are set out in sets of three. On set at the beginning of the hole and one set at the end. These indicators are where carts should enter and most importantly exit the course to the cart path. Golf Course Maintenance will rotate these sets to control wear in these entrance and exit points. We understand this is new to Granite Bay and will take some getting used to, but if observed properly we should be able to control wear and tear on the turf a little better. The exit indicators near the green are the most important indicators as this would be the furthermost point in which carts should be near the green without being on the path.  Once out on the golf course we ask that carts avoid obvious stressed areas and utilize the paths as much as possible.

The other change is we expanded the number of holes we rope off in the summer from two to four. I know this is not a popular move but we ask your patience as we try to hold onto the turf that we have during the trying times of late August through early September.

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