Monday, February 8, 2016

Golf Course Maintenance Weekly 2/8/16

The rainy weather of the last few weeks has changed to spring like the end of last and for the foreseeable future.We only measured 0.09" of rain last week bringing our seasonal total to 10.43" which is -13.43" from the 24" normal for our area. Snow in the Sierras went from 116% of normal last week to 110% this week. These percentages are likely to continue to decrease as extended forecast is dry. 

FR storage increased over 67,000 acre feet
last week forcing the fed's to accelerate
release for flood control. 
The change in weather pattern did not slow Folsom reservoir down as it continued to raise to almost 600,000 acre feet so the Bureau of Land Management and the State began to release higher volumes for flood control. Despite all of this great local water storage news the SWRCB voted last week to extend the drought mandates for another nine months through the summer. Some adjustments have been made for climate that should affect our current conservation mandate of 36% and the water board did state they would re-visit the order in May after the El Nino winter had ended. The San Juan Water District also stated that the water board did mention that some "regional" adjustments could be made for regions such as ours, where storage is looking to end up above normal. Bottom line, we will still have a conservation mandate to adhere to in 2016, but the amount is likely to be less than the 36% mandate of 2015.

A cleaned up view from #17 Tee

GCM stayed on task last week and caught up on the detail work of trimming sand traps and edging cart paths. Additionally we finished the pruning near #17 culminating several weeks of work near #14 green, #15 & #16 bridge, #16 green and #17 tee. Next up for pruning starting this week is the native area along the slope on #5 fronting Roseville Parkway. Additionally we plan on  tee leveling and re sodding  of the Granite Tee on #14 and the expanding, leveling and re sodding of the drop area on #3.

Getting started on leveling and expanding
the drop area on #3 this morning.

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