Monday, March 14, 2016

Golf Course Maintenance Weekly 3/14/16

Spring Aerification Schedule

After two weeks of rain it now looks like as though the weather is going to cooperate with our aerification schedule for next week. After receiving over 4.5" of rain here at The Club over the past 10 days, the extended forecast is for dry weather with some days in the 70's. This forecast will likely bring the necessary dry conditions for putting surface aerification next week. Fairways might still be a little wet in spots but we should be fine. Below is the aerification schedule for the next  two week's.

To get all the holes filled with sand during the
aerification process we typically follow
mechanical brushing with 

Another labor intensive task of the aerification process
is the removal of the aerification cores during core aeration.

Tuesday 3/22/16 - Putting Surface Aerification Course Closed
Wednesday 3/23/16 - Fairway Aerification Front Nine Closed
Thursday 3/24/16 - Fairway Aerification Back Nine Closed

Tuesday 3/29/24 - Surrounds Aerification Front Nine Closed
Wednesday 3/30/16 - Surrounds Aerification Back Nine Closed
Thursday 3/31/16 - TBD Aerification TBD Closure 

Driving Range Improvements

The driving range has some improvements slated for 2016 and we are planning to get started on some of it this week. The overall scope of the improvements include a short fence along the left hand side of the range near the treeline to catch a large portion of range balls from proceeding past the OB line into #18. Additionally to solve the synthetic tee line drainage issues we need to reconfigure the irrigation of both driving range tee sprinklers and the turf area behind the driving range. Additionally we have some drainage panels to put under the synthetic tee line that will raise the mat slightly and allow for drainage from irrigation drift, (now that we have reconfigured direct irrigation) and rainfall. Also we have new bag stands coming which will add to the entire refreshment. 

We need to aerify the turf on the range as well along with other maintenance items which are impossible to do when the range is open. Therefore we will need to close the range at some point for a day or two which has yet to be determined but we will communicate far in advance. The work we hope to get started this week is the irrigation reconfiguration which no closure will be required.

Five gates still open this morning (Monday 3/14).  Reservoir is coming up
a little according to below FR chart.

Drought Update

There is really nothing to update other then believe it or not we are still technically in a drought despite all the rain and decent snow in the mountains. This drought has allowed  the State to move to a new normal in CA water use and I still believe it is and will be the defining issue not just for GBGC but for golf in the entire state moving forward. That being said you would think we would get some relief in the coming year when you look at the data below.

Slight up tick after the weekend storms 

Shasta now 103% of historical average and Oroville at 97%.
Great news for the State of CA.

Snow is slightly up from last week as well.

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