Thursday, April 14, 2016

Golf Course Maintenance Weekly 4/11/16

Aerification Healing

This week marks the third week since we aerified Greens, Fairways & Green Surrounds. Weather during the subsequent three weeks was about as perfect as it could have been for the healing process. We experienced some warm weather which helps get the turf growing along with some soaking rain last weekend which is always beneficial. Aerification holes in the greens have healed and we have lowered the height of cut (HOC) on them which we typically raise a bit directly after the aerification process. Surfaces are typically slow as the culmination of higher rates of fertilizer to promote rapid recovery take effect. Look for the greens to get quicker by week four as soil fertility wanes, and the the application of growth regulators take effect.

6 days after aerification directly after verticle mowing, seeding & light topdressing.

13 days after aerification

23 days after aerification

Fairway holes are still evident but will likely disappear next week as we applied fertility along with pre-emergent for crabgrass this week. We still have a little bit of topdressing sand to apply to the fairways which we will concentrate on landing areas next week. After this sand is brushed in it will hardly be noticeable.

Topdressing fairways. We have a little bit left to do next week.

Tee Re-Surfacing

We expanded and flattened the club tees on #13 and #14 this week. Additionally we removed some tree limbs that shaded these levels so the new sod and subsequent established turf will have a much better chance or thriving. We will try to open these tees in a couple of weeks, especially on #14 so we don't wear the cobble level out.

Prepping #13 Club Tee for new sod.

#13 Club Tee with new sod.

#14 Club Tee with new sod.

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