Friday, March 17, 2017

Updated Greens Aerification Schedule

Spring 2017 Greens Aerification will be on Monday 3/20/17

The below chart indicate's a change from this AM in the weather forecast. This Accuweather forecast now is in alignment with the Weather Channel forecast giving us some added confidence to confirm the above Monday 3/20/17 putting surface aerification date. It took more then the weather forecast to change to get this done. Mr. Peabody had to get clearance to reschedule an already scheduled tournament on Monday 3/20/17 and move  them to another club. It took some doing but he found another sister club in the area and hopefully everyone will be happy. Always looking out for the big picture which is our GBGC Members, Michael comes through again.    

Getting the  regulation greens aerified  and on the path to healing is our main goal next week. If the amount of forecasted rain materializes, and that is a big if, we will not be able to aerify fairways. We will communicate what is going on with the Fairways as soon as we know. 

Thanks for your patience and Thanks Mike!

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