Sunday, September 30, 2018

Fall is Here

The 2018 Fall Equinox was last weekend ushering in the best time to grow cool season turf at Granite Bay Golf Club. We are in a good position after switching our customary fall aeration from early October to early September as now most playing surfaces are either fully or well on their way to recovering from aeration as opposed to awaiting aeration after another 30 days of end of summer.

"Two shots at about 11z, left is from the Summer Solstice, the right is from this morning, the Fall Equinox. Yes, the earth really is round, is tilted!"  Enki Research 9/22/18

In addition to completing aeration of primary turf grass playing surfaces (greens, tees & fairways) we just this week completed the re-sodding of the #3 green surround. Completing #3 brings the count to four green surrounds we stripped and re-sodded with overseeded hybrid bermuda sod  since July. The end result with all of these efforts is the golf course will be in pretty good shape in October & November rather then in a state of recovery from our usual one degree or another summer turf grass setbacks.

These moves have set us up for even greater success as the golf course maintenance department can now work on a host of little nagging maintenance items and projects rather then course aeration and recovery. That being said there still are some course aeration items to complete that wont require any course closures. Below is an out line of GCM's plans for the next several weeks.

Aerify Tilleys, Chipping, Nursery Practice Greens       10/1/18 

( These PG's were not aerified with regulation greens and upper PG so members had something to putt and practice on while other greens recovered)

Club Championship Course Preparation     10/8/18 - 10/15/18

Jones Cup Course Preparation     10/29/18 - 11/4/18 

Core Aerify Rough (excluding Surround's)       11/5/18 - 11/16/18

Besides the outline above we have allot of little projects we hope to check off "The List" during this time frame such as leveling and expanding some tee levels, tree pruning etc.. Additionally we will be monitoring and documenting seasonal changes of our hybrid bermuda trials on #'s 2,5,8,12 & #16 as well as the overseeded hybrid bermuda surrounds on #'s 5-7 & #3. Always something to do, always something to learn. Thank you for your support. 

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