Wednesday, April 3, 2019

New Golf Course Maintenance Equipment Arrives

We recently received a nice influx of golf course maintenance equipment from Toro at Granite Bay and wanted to share it with our members.  You can probably imagine it takes allot of different types of equipment to maintain a golf course and it all eventually wears out. We have mowers and blowers and rollers and aerifyers, just to name a few. It also takes allot of utility vehicles to move GCM workers, tools and materials around the golf course as well as moving debris and such off the golf course.

New Toro Equipment on display on the circle lawn shortly after arrival
This recent influx of new equipment are primarily replacements for older pieces of equipment giving us more flexibility and backup when we  experience unexpected malfunctions which happens more then we would like. Below are some close-ups and descriptions of the recent pieces of equipment we received for those who are interested.

Toro Triflex greens mower. This is our second  new triplex greens mower that will really help when we want to double cut greens. This mower is used exclusively on the putting surfaces.

Similar to the Toro Triflex above is a Toro 3250 triplex that is primarily used on tee's and approaches. This mower is our third "newer"  utility triplex giving us ultimate flexibility as it can operate attachments for vertical mowing and lightweight rolling.

Toro Heavy Duty Workman. These vehicles are the dump trucks of the golf course. They have the ability run many attachments. This is our fourth  however two of the older ones (10 and 20 years old) are used exclusively for spraying and topdressing leaving us two heavy duty vehicles for hauling heavy loads as we frequently do.

Toro ProForce Turbine Blower. This is our second turbine blower giving us backup flexibility as well as two to use in the fall for leaf removal. They are controlled remotely by the operator via radio.

New Toro Medium Duty Workman with new Toro greens Roller. This medium duty utility vehicle will replace one of our older ones and this new style roller will be our #1  greens roller while our older roller will become a backup. Up till now we have not had a backup for our greens roller which is huge. 

Greg operating the new Toro greens-roller today on #15 green.

Most of our equipment is equipped with wireless hour meters that communicate with our equipment maintenance program called MyTurf. It's basically a cloud based record keeping platform that automatically produces work orders for our mechanics so we can easily keep up on preventive services.

Thanks as always for your support as without it we wouldn't be able to continually upgrade our all important golf course maintenance equipment.


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