Saturday, November 30, 2019

Golf Committee Minutes November 2019

Golf Committee November 19, 2019 Minutes


Dan Becker, Matt Dillon, Mike Nicoletti, Kevin Gil, Cary Greisen, Michelle Inouye, Ed Reeder, Jack Wright, Board of Governors: John Korvin, Jim Reis.

Important Notice

Use of the course when closed to member play, typically Mondays, is prohibited.  Violators will first be given a written warning, with a mandatory 30-day suspension for subsequent violations.

General Manager Update

Michael Peabody was in an off-site meeting and Dan Becker provided the following:
·         The 2020 budget is still in final stages of completion.  When it is finalized a report to the members will be submitted.  Currently there remains virtual certainty the fairways will be converted to Bermuda, the questions remaining primarily deal with how much additional work will be performed.
·         The significant Tilly’s kitchen permitting issues have been resolved with only minor details remaining.  The contractor is hopeful for a January start date.
·         A new Grill Manager, Andrea <last name>, is getting high marks.
·         Our F&B satisfaction ratings are 95% positive – the highest ever.
·         The Granite Bay Golf Club Course Update will become a wider source of information for members. A name change of the link will be more reflective of a myriad of communications from the Pro Shop, Golf Committee, General Manager, etc.
·         Mike P will quarterback new member on-boarding, along with direct involvement from Mike N.  New member on-boarding is a critical component of member education, and expectations.

Pro Shop / Outside Services Update

·         Michael Parlett is getting good marks, with his professional manner frequently mentioned.
·         Issues remain with the delivery of the daily Frost Delay email.  Options are being explored.
·         Outside services is getting favorable comments and training continues.
·         The Geo Fencing as well as other capabilities of the new carts are being fine-tuned.
·         The new cart speakers cannot be further moderated; however, music complaints have actually been fewer.
·         Mike N is investigating the possibilities of private cart owners installing the GPS system.
·         A reminder that the annual Christmas Sale will be December 6, 7, 8.  Champaign and hors d'oeuvres will be served on the 6th and 7th.

Course Conditions and Renovation

For comprehensive information please check the Granite Bay Golf Club Course Update.
·         It is assumed that the course renovation will commence June 1st.
·         No Spring Aerification is planned.
·         This November has been abnormally dry, the driest in 15 years, we are still hand watering portions of the course.
·         We experimenting with fertilizer and pigmentation to improve the hybrid Bermuda’s appearance while dormant.  It is expected that a browner more dormant appearance will occur December through February..

Junior Golf Update

·         The Junior Club Championship was huge success.  There were 30 players (four times the previous number) in four flights, they loved the tournament and are looking forward to future competitions.  Arthur Lyons was the boy’s champion, shooting a 75, Ellie Bushnell was the girl’s champion, shooting a 70, both from the Combo tees!

Handicap Integrity / Reports                                                               

·         Jack reported a 77 percent compliance of posting scores.  Michelle reported 66% compliance.  The low percentages were attributed to the posting computers being down.  Members are reminded that they should post scores online if the on-course computers are inoperative.
·         Note that scorecard boxes (Tilly’s and Pro Shop) will be provided for receipt of completed scorecards.  This will help gather data for eventual course handicap recalculations.

Locker Room Attendant

·         An attendant will soon be on board.
Action Item: John Korvin –Define his duties and insure that the membership is aware of what services can provided.

Tournament Update

·         The Jones Cup was a success; an extra flight had to be added.
·         The Founder’s Cup was very well received, with many compliments from the participants.
·         The Tournament of Champions was another event that went well.  The format is expected to change next year.
·         The yearlong Tilly's Cup men’s division has six remaining players Hunter Jr, Erickson, Dietz, Patterson in the redraw, Becker and McIntosh in the main draw.  In the women’s division of 33 golfers Mary Kwan defeated Sue Perry-Smith for the title.  Mary is a back-to-back champion.
·         The day before Thanksgiving Men’s Guest day is filling up and is a great value.
·         As always, check the Club Life app for details on upcoming tournaments.

Range Beautification /“Within 200 yard of Clubhouse” Aesthetics

This effort is on hold pending (hopeful) budget approval for a range remodel.

Attention to Detail / Action Items

This is a portion of the meeting where the committee reviews and voices items that should be corrected or where GBGC comes up lacking when compared to other clubs.  They should be focused primarily on the Golf Experience.
Prior items:
·         #5 bathroom walkway – loose tile, trip hazard.
-- In 2019 all bathrooms will be repainted and tile replaced/repaired.  This is currently in process and awaiting final budget approval. Note that the tiles have been replaced.
·         #10 fairway too narrow/rough too wide when using Pebble tees.
-- There will be tree trimming and likely the contours will be smoothed when the course is re-sodded.
·         #13 decomposed granite path needs repair (from rear of green to cart path).
·         Desire a shortcut path from #14 green to #15 lower/occassional Club tees.
Action Item: Matt –It is on the list to be done.
·         Tee box benches need to be re-sealed
-- DONE.
·         Trees on #11 need to be trimmed – both to allow sight of the green and to allow walking underneath.
·         It was suggested that a new Tournament tee be added to #11.
-- Will be done when the course is re-sodded.
·         The cart barn air nozzle is missing its tip (it was replaced but the nozzle is too long).
·         The cart barn is cluttered, as is the Bag Storage area (especially the battery recharge shelf).
·         Have a box for tees, scorecard, pencils, etc. at the two “desks” near the bag drop and the main putting green.
·         #5 cart path needs repair.
·         #6 pin positions have not been following the customary alternating “right/left” placement.
·         GBGC is an NCGA member club and can have a “Club Officer” to liaise with the NCGA
Action Item: Dan –Recruit a Club Officer.
·         Other area courses have short videos that cover course care, etiquette, etc.
Action Item: Michael P –Determine who will take the lead on video content and production

This month’s unfiltered items:

·         None.

New Business

The 2020 calendar has only considered January through May events due to the likely course closure for turf conversion, et al.  A preliminary calendar has been proposed for GM and/or committee review.
The approach to the revised Golf Guide, a part of the new On Boarding effort, was discussed.  The intent is to remove all the code and policy verbiage, relying upon the Club’s website for that information, and have the guide concentrate on care of the course and golf etiquette.

Next Meeting Dates (all 4pm)

12/17 (subject to change).


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