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Golf Committee Minutes December 2019

Golf Committee December 17, 2019 Minutes


Dan Becker, Michael Peabody, Matt Dillon, Michael Nicoletti, Lisa Erickson, Carol Garvey, Kevin Gil, Cary Greisen, Michelle Inouye, Ed Reeder, Jack Wright, Board of Governors: John Korvin, Jim Reis.

Important Notices

Use of the course when closed to member play, typically Mondays, is prohibited.  Violators will first be given a written warning, with a mandatory 30-day suspension for subsequent violations.
Pets on course (from our Rules & Regs)  No dogs or other pets, except for seeing eye dogs and other qualified handicap service dogs are permitted on Club property (Including the golf course) at any time ...

General Manager Update

·         The 2020 budget is still being worked, though it is expected to be finalized December 20th.  At that time a press release to the members will be provided.  It is a virtual certainty the fairways will be converted to Bermuda and the greens resurfaced/reseeded, the questions remaining primarily deal with how much additional work will be performed and the project start date.  We want to hold off on providing more information until we know the actual plans.  It is the Club’s intent to provide extensive communications throughout the project.
·         The Granite Bay Golf Club Course Update will be the primary source of project and golf course information for members.  The ClubLife app will transition to become the primary source of other Club information, including daily Frost Delay notifications.  Starting February 1 the ClubLife app will be the source of billing information.
Action Item: Mike N –Transition the Frost Delay email to the ClubLife app.
·         The Tilly’s kitchen still has a few permitting issues remaining.  A start date cannot be given until they are resolved.
·         Our F&B satisfaction ratings are 93% positive – among the Top 10 in ClubCorp.
·         The yearly “State of the Club” letter will provide information on non-course budget approvals, as well as describing our new locker room attendant’s duties.
·         Members of our team have been nominated for special ClubCorp-wide recognition for their outstanding work. Meredith Loosse and Chef Rod Williams have been nominated for Rising Star awards.  Matt Dillon and his entire team have been nominated for a Super Star award.

Pro Shop / Outside Services Update

1.      Outside services continues to get good marks – normal end of year turnover is expected.
2.      The cart Geo Fencing continues to be fine-tuned.
3.      The cart vendor will be addressing the speaker volumes - an answer is expected by the end of the year.
4.      Mike N is investigating the possibilities of private cart owners installing the GPS system.
Action Item: Mike N – Report your findings.

Course Conditions and Renovation

For comprehensive information please check the Granite Bay Golf Club Course Update.
·         Primarily doing end-of-year wet-weather tasks.
·         The work on the pond between #3 and #12 was simply to clean up the dead material.  The plant roots are still there and the area will regrow.
·         The green surrounds will be more level and less matted once they grow in and mature.

Junior Golf Update

·         The Junior year is almost over.  Meredith had an end-of-year night glo-ball putting event which had more than 60 people in attendance!

Handicap Integrity / Reports                                                               

·         Jack reported a 81 percent compliance of posting scores.  Michelle reported 66% compliance.
·         New Windows-10 posting computers will be installed which should remedy the availability issues we have experienced.  Members are reminded that they should post scores online if the on-course computers are inoperative.
·         Note that scorecard boxes (Tilly’s and Pro Shop) are provided for receipt of completed scorecards.  This will help gather data for eventual course handicap recalculations.
·         The Pro Shop will be sending out educational materials on the new world wide handicapping system which goes into effect January 1st.

Locker Room Attendant

·         The duties of the Locker Room attendant will be noted in the yearly State-of-the-Club letter.

Tournament Update

·         Our State-Wide Scratch League placed second at Poppy Hills, one shot off a playoff.  The members were Michael Nicoletti, Gary Dunn, Jeremy Price, Jon Peterson, Scott Colby, Jeff Hoffman, and Gary Deblaquiere.  It was the narrowest of margins possible and we were just on the wrong side of it. 
·         The yearlong Tilly's Cup men’s division has four remaining golfers, we will see who prevails.
·         As always, check the Club Life app for details on upcoming tournaments.

Attention to Detail / Action Items

This is a portion of the meeting where the committee reviews and voices items that should be corrected or where GBGC comes up lacking when compared to other clubs.  They should be focused primarily on the Golf Experience.
Prior items:
·         #5 bathroom walkway – loose tile, trip hazard.
-- In 2019 all bathrooms will be repainted and tile replaced/repaired.  This is currently in process and awaiting final budget approval. Note that the tiles have been replaced.
·         #10 fairway too narrow/rough too wide when using Pebble tees.
-- There will be tree trimming and likely the contours will be smoothed when the course is re-sodded.
·         Trees on #11 need to be trimmed – both to allow sight of the green and to allow walking underneath.
-- DONE.
·         It was suggested that a new Tournament tee be added to #11.
-- Will be done when the course is re-sodded.
·         The cart barn air nozzle is too long.
·         Have a box for tees, scorecard, pencils, etc. at the two “desks” near the bag drop and the main putting green.
Action Item: Mike N – Acquire any necessary boxes and put them in place.
·         GBGC is an NCGA member club and can have a “Club Officer” to liaise with the NCGA
-- DONE –Dan recruited himself.
·         Other area courses have short videos that cover course care, etiquette, etc. 
Action Item: Mike P – Come up with a plan to make the videos a reality.

This month’s unfiltered items:

·         The Frost Delay email problems were addressed.

New Business

A proposed 2020 Golf Calendar was presented.  However, until we get firm course closure dates not much more can be done.
The On-Boarding process was discussed and a subcommittee formed to finalize things.  It was noted that updated policies and codes will be on our website by the end of the year.  An emphasis will be placed on formal enforcement policies.
Action Item: Mike P – Make sure that the website gets updated and that the Monday play and Pet restrictions are clearly noted.
Action Item: Ed – Distribute the revised Golf Guide to the Committee.
Action Item: Mike P – Convene the On-Boarding subcommittee.

Next Meeting Dates (all 4pm)

1/21 (subject to change).

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