Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coronavirus Update #2 - Additional Golf Course Precautions

Last week we removed all water cooler's from the golf course as a precaution against Coronavirus transmission from water cooler dispenser handling. Using CDC guidelines, ClubCorp has mandated additional measures to golf course operations nationwide to prevent transmission.

Practice green this morning with flag's removed

Additional Measures Include:

  • Removal of all practice green flags.
  • Removal of all sand trap rakes.
  • Removal of ball washers.
  • Removal of all divot boxes and bottles.
  • Reversing the putting green cup.

Above picture depicts ClubCorp mandated reversal of the putting green cup. The tapered flag stick ferrule wedges into the cup with this configuration so we are asking all players to NOT REMOVE THE FLAG STICK WHEN PUTTING

Above picture depicts a ball that has settled into the reversed cup in the putting green eliminating the need touch the sides of the cup during retrieval of your golf  ball. We ask that you utilize the following temporary local rule at until we return to normal putting green cup placement:

Above picture shows sand traps on #8 without sand trap rakes. GCM will rake bunkers in the AM. Players need to try to smooth out their tracks in the bunkers with their shoes temporarily until we come up with a better solution.

Water station on #5 tee without ball washer.

Following the CDC's guidance on keeping work places safe is ClubCorps and Granite Bay Golf Clubs upmost priority for our Members and Employee Partners. On the golf course we feel that by removing all of these commonly handled golf course items that we are eliminating potential transmission touch points. All of these measures are of course temporary as we all navigate through these new times we are experiencing. We are glad that at least for now we can prepare the golf course for our members to enjoy as their home away from home during these turbulent times.  

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

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