Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Upcoming Fairway Aeration

Starting next week on Monday 8/22/22 we will be aerating and sand topdressing the Santa Anna Hybrid Bermuda fairways here at GBGC. Our new fairways will benefit greatly from a aeration, allowing air and water to move deeper into the native soil profile. Immediately following the aeration process we will sand topdress with our second 50 ton per acre topdressing of 2022. This topdressing sand will work it way into both the turf canopy as well as the aeration holes and help to continue smooth, level and dry out these one year old fairways. Mid August weather will facilitate very rapid recovery.

Keep in mind, all of our cultural processes we did to the course this year, and the sequence in which we did them, were somewhat out of the norm because we are still are growing in  these turf grass surfaces. As an example we topdressed fairways early in the season as soon as the hybrid bermuda woke up  as we desperately needed to fill in the many surface inconsistencies of the previous years sprigging. A few weeks later we verticle mowed, which in normal practice would be done in conjunction with sand topdressing and aeration. The aeration we ae planning next week moves us closer to normal routines and provides us data for future planning.

We have all day Monday to start  the process and will have alternating F9 & B9 closures Tuesday and Wednesday to complete it. Below are older pictures of fairway aeration as well as some repeat pictures of our initial topdressing of the Santa Anna this past spring. I'll provide real time pictures and updates as the process unfolds next week.

Monday 8/22/22 - F9 & B9 FW Aeration      Course Closed

Tuesday 8/23/22 - Complete B9 FW Aeration      Back 9 Closed

Wednesday 8/24/22 - Complete F9  FW Aeration      Front 9 Closed

Old picture of Enrique aerating our old fairways

Applying 50 tons per acre of sand to our new Santa Anna Hybrid Bermuda fairways just this past spring.

Dragging in the topdressing sand after is had dried

Closeup of the fairway after initial pass with drag mat. The visible inconsistencies are not necessarily a thing of the past but continued topdressing at the 50 ton per acre rate will in time smooth them out. 

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