Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Rough Aeration Continues

Early this week we received some rainfall that is always welcomed in September, but untimely for our aeration operation as dry conditions are essential for the clean-up process. It rained here at the course all morning on Monday 9/19/22 making conditions to wet to start the back nine  process through Tuesday 9/20/22. Then just when we finished the actual aeration process on holes #'s 10 & 12 on Wednesday 9/21/22, an unexpected two hour steady rain made the aeration cores way to wet to process. We will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to clean them up as well as adjust our plan to stay on track to start seeding rough next week on 9/27/22. Below is our revised plan to get the rough aeration completed.  

 Revised Rough Aeration Schedule for Week of 9/19/22

Tuesday 9/20/22 - Too Wet
Wednesday 9/21/22 - Hole #'s 10-12 -  Rain 9:30 - 11:30. Too Wet to Clean-up
Thursday 9/22/22 - Cleanup Holes #'s 10-12 in the early afternoon
Friday 9/23/22 - Hole #'s 13 , 15 , 17 - Front Nine Start
Monday 9/26/22 - Hole #'s 11 & 18
Tuesday 9/27/22 - Seeding Process Begins

Somewhat unexpected rain hit at the most inopportune time today as we were just 
finishing the rough aeration on hole #'s 10&12.

Even a light rain, like what we received, makes it impossible to clean up the cores.

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