Monday, February 13, 2023

2023 Drainage Project Update #2

We moved to #12 fairway last week with our ongoing drainage work which encompasses a little more than just drainage work here.  The section of fairway preceding and between the first set of bunkers on this hole has never grown in properly from renovation in 2021. This was partially due to this fairway being the last fairway to be sprigged on the last day of August 2021, which is very late to grow-in sprigs. Additionally there were some deep bull dozer scrapes right down to the decomposing rock in the area which removed topsoil (sake of a better term) that was developed over 20 years, to shape the new bunkers.

Admittedly it was a rush job to beat the clock in a fairway spot that is a tight choke point, channeling all foot and vehicle traffic through an area of only 5000 square foot tops. GCM assumed we would have to re-visit this area, and our first full season proved this assumption correct. This area is one of the larger loose ends that need's to be tied-off. 

The area also needs drainage work, and it doesn't make sense to fix one portion of the problem here and not fix the other. And it makes the most sense to get the grade and soil right in the area first, then follow up with the drainage. And that is exactly what we started last  week and have provided some progress pictures below for those who are interested. 


Above shows the area we are talking about, between the first bunkers on #12. The heavy grey line depicts the area that we stripped and moved what sod was viable, then removed the rest and in
truckloads to our nursery area, All of the Bermuda sprigs in these truckloads will establish rapidly this summer providing us with sod for future use. The heavy lime green lines represent the main drain lines and the skinny tan lines lateral lines. This picture also shows the irrigation lines that we have to work around and make sure we don't hit 
them with the digging equipment.

The soil in this area it not nearly as good as it perhaps appears in this picture.
Picture shows we have already stripped out and moved most of the viable sod to the sod nursery.
What remains a combination of Bermuda plants or sprigs, topdressing sand and soil.
After relocating the sprig / soil piles, we actually went to the hard DG areas and dug them out and removed that soil as well. 

Both above and below depict the crew hauling and spreading sand and compost to replace the removed DG, readying the area for rototilling.

After spreading the compost and sand we incorporated those amendments 
into the top 6" the creating a good root zone mix for the re-sodding to come.

Complete root-zone and general grade modification. Awaiting phase two of this area for next week.

The Best is Yet to Come !

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