Saturday, March 2, 2024

Additional Work on #2

Earlier this month we detailed a course improvement in the GBGC Course Update intitled #2 Fairway Exit. In this update we promised more information to come on a golf active native area across the cart path on the right-hand side of #2 about 140 yards out. This past Monday 2/26/24 we were able to complete another phase of this project and below are some pictures of this work to date. 

Above is a good picture of the area we are talking about to the right of the cart path on #2. There has always been allot of golf activity in the area if you drift right and skip through the walnut shells.

Our main motivation to repair the area was the need for a better point of connection for the drainage system coming off of the #2 fairway as well as the drive off area we recently added a substantial amount of drainage under a sand cap. Above depicts this new point of connection.

We decided to expand the main 15" N-12 drainage line 80' allowing us grade and clean the area facilitating moving the hazard line back 20 to 30 feet towards the tree line. 

Plans are never quite as easy as you draw them up. We ran into an old willow stump that we had to dig out and bury. Above is Enrique doing just that. 

Above shows the 80' expansion of the 15" N-12 drainpipe before it is buried.

The above pictures depict the area after initial grading. We still have some irrigation work to do and as soon as weather permits, we will seed the area with tall fescue. We plan to maintain the area at rough height so it will be much easier to find your ball. The area is still penal as you have to navigate mature Oak Trees to get to the green, but you should expect a better lie to punch out of or for the risk takers amongst us, navigate the trees.

Coming Up This Spring

DryJecting Putting Surfaces

DryJect Aeration is a noninvasive, small-hole, deep tine aeration process that uses water to inject sand deep into a putting surface. This process will be very beneficial for our greens as it will drive sand deeply through grow-in layer of sand into original sand facilitating deeper root growth. We are having this process done Monday 3/6/24. I'll post a GBGC Course Update later next week showing the process.

Core Aeration of Rough

As soon as it is dry enough, we plan to start the core aeration of our rough. We plan to core aerate then remove the cores on a couple to three holes at a time weather permitting. Holes that we will be working on will be closed to cart traffic while we are working on them. If we are fortunate, we will complete the entire process by the end of March but we will need dry weather to do so. More to come on this as well.

Thank You for Your Support 

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