Friday, October 16, 2009

# 18 Tee Cart Path Extension

I think I mentioned on several occasions that we planned to begin the #18 cart path extension project the week immediately following putting surface aerification. Because aerification was pushed forward a week due to the storm and we have the contractor showing up to pour the path on November 2nd, we could not afford to be unprepared so we got started early.

Above is a basic routing plan of the path. Pictured is a turnaround area for the forward tees that is basically in the same location of the current turnaround although it will be reconfigured. Coming off of that turnaround is a path that will head up to a turn around to the left and below of the granite tee. Coming off of this turnaround is a short walking path leading up to the granite and tournament tees. After the upper turnaround and a common decent path, there will be exit path that will head the left where the current location of the water station is. A landscape bed will separate the accent and decent paths. All paths will be curbed to control traffic in the area and help direct in the natural flow.

         Construction Schedule
  • October 19 – 30 Excavation & Grading
  • November 2 – 6 Concrete Pouring
  • November 9 – 13 Irrigation & Landscaping
#18 moving rock at base of path

#18 tee - removing old stairwell
#18 excavated path looking down

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