Friday, October 16, 2009

Aerification Setback

Our scheduled putting surface aerification on October 13th & 14th has been pushed forward to October 20th & 21st due to the unseasonable storm we all received last Tuesday & Wednesday. The storm dumped over 2.25” inches of rain here at the golf course which made the greens too wet to aerify on Thursday, and Friday (today) was heavily booked with play so we decided to push it into next week. We are getting a little late in the season to aerify putting surfaces as a cold snap will really hinder recovery however mild temperatures are forecasted so we should be O.K.
We were able to aerify both practice greens and the chipping green prior to the storm. We felt using a larger tine (5/8”) producing a larger hole on these greens was warranted because of the above normal traffic they receive combined with their small size. We will NOT be using the larger tines (5/8”) holes on 1-18, but will be using the smaller tines (1/2”).
Because we are aerifying a little late in the season this fall we decided to aerify both practice putting surfaces at the same time rather then the separating the two by a few weeks. We had been aerifying one and leaving another alone for a few weeks based on Member request’s and will continue to do so in the future. We just felt that this time we needed to get them both done and not risk recovery issues.

Aerated practice green 5/8" holes

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