Friday, September 18, 2009

Bunker Progress

We completed both bunkers on #11 this week right on schedule. Next are the green side bunkers on #10.

Our goal was to get into them next week and work around the WGAC the following but we have thought better of bringing that kind of scorn down on our heads. Unfortunately because the construction crew will be busy after aerification prepping and shaping the #18 tee cart path extension we wont be able to resume until week of 11/2.

Lets hope for a dry November and December where we can really start making progress on this much needed improvement.

On the subject of bunkers we plan to do a pictorial update focusing just on bunker renovation for new members and those who were not following our updates last year when we started the process. Look for that soon.

Right hand greenside bunker #11 getting filled

#11 greenside bunkers complete

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