Friday, September 18, 2009

2009 Aerification

We have some real challenges for aerification of the course and overseeding bermuda tees this year due to some late scheduled tournaments. As I mentioned above the best time to do any type of overseeding is right now at the beginning of fall while there is still some warm weather facilitating rapid seed germination. Last year we overseeded our bermuda tees and approaches on #14 & #16 a couple weeks prior to Jones Cup. That move was not well received although we had great ryegrass coverage before the winter months. Our additional challenge this year is we have the WGAC match play event the last week in September followed by the Jones Cup the first full week in October followed by putting surface aerification the 2nd week in October.
Currently our plan is to try to get the tournament, club and our spare tee levels overseeded next week. Additionally we plan to spot aerify the worn
out traffic area in the front portion of #10 leading to the #11 tee. This area gets wore out from cart traffic and has to compete with roots and shade from adjacent oak trees. This is not a great combination for good turf. Same scenario less the tree roots and shade occurs around the trap in the center of the fairway on #6. We plan to do some traffic control measures in these areas as well to give the areas a chance for recovery. We will judge the success of the procedures and decide whether proactive alternation of traffic control measures in areas like this is warranted moving forward.

Complete Aerification & Overseeding Schedule

  •  Week of 9/21 Overseed Club Tees

  • Week of 9/28 WGAC

  •  Week of 10/5 Overseed ladies Tees

  • Jones Cup Prep

  •  Week of 10/12 Putting Surface Aerification

  • Overseed Granite Tees

  •  Week of 10/19 Overseed Driving range Tee

  • Aerify & De-Thatch FW’s & Rough

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