Friday, May 7, 2010

The Aging of Our Ponds

Part Four – The Solutions for Our Ponds

The following is the conclusion of the four part series I started last fall addressing the two water features at Granite Bay Golf Club.

Part I, II & III covered the function, history and aging of our ponds and now Part IV will cover some solutions.

In a nutshell the importance of our ponds as a source for the life blood or irrigation water of the course cannot be over emphasized. The Naturalized style and beauty of our water features are also crucial to our Audubon status, design integrity of the course and our use permit with Placer County. A healthy, happy median must be maintained on a go forward basis. We must apply the same proactive maintenance procedures to our ponds as we do to our turf. If we don’t the natural aging will interfere with our ability to irrigate the course and continue to give us sub standard water feature aesthetics in the summer.

Tentatively scheduled beginning June 7th we have a contractor arriving to thin out some of the encroaching vegetation along with the sub-surface decaying stems of water primrose that are surrounding the pump station intake area. Along with this work we plan to replace the pump station intake screens which have rusted away.

Additionally we will continue to control aggressive aquatic vegetation as it starts to encroach into the ponds, creating an unsightly appearance and adding additional biomass to the already overloaded situation. This strategy of mechanical removal and chemical and biological control is the beginning of a maintenance program that will be essential if we are to maintain the function and the natural design features of our ponds.

I will update progress in our next update.

Recent picture of George's Lake

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