Saturday, July 24, 2010


Since our last course update we have had several members express interest in serving on our Audubon Resource Advisory Committee.

What Is A Resource Advisory Committee?
"A resource advisory committee is a group of individuals with expertise and qualifications in specific professions, who volunteer their time to advise and assist in maximizing a property’s environmental benefits and minimizing potential negative impact to the surrounding community and natural resources. The areas of expertise may include, but are not limited to, ornithology, native plants, energy efficiency, waste management, water management, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)."

Why Organize A Resource Advisory Committee?
"Every property that joins the Audubon Signature Program is required to form a resource advisory committee. Individuals associated with property in the process of being developed are extremely busy and will find themselves increasingly so as construction moves forward. Appointing appropriate people to the resource advisory committee will relieve the burden of Signature Program implementation by spreading responsibility to various individuals. In addition, people with special interests or expertise should be focusing their attention on that specific area.” (Forming resource Advisory Committee – Audubon International)

An advisory committee was formed during construction which was a integral requirement of achieving Audubon Signature Sanctuary Status. My thought was that we re-form our advisory committee to re-invigorate awareness of our unique status as a signature sanctuary and continue promote and educate our members and community of Granite Bay’s environmental stewardship. My thought was to have this be a sub-committee under the umbrella of the golf committee and I am fairly certain we can get a discussion on the agenda of the next meeting.

After the next golf committee meeting I hope to reach out members who have already expressed interest and move forward. Any one receiving this correspondence wishing to serve on this committee could contact myself or any golf committee member. I can be reached at 791-4930 or e-mail at

I really think this can be an exciting opportunity for everyone at Granite Bay.

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