Monday, July 5, 2010


Audubon International is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to fostering more sustainable human and natural communities through research, education, and conservation assistance. As I stated in our last update our status is something to be proud of and highlight and will now be formally a part of our course updates.

Granite Bay has been a member of Audubon International since 1993 and became certified at the bronze level in May of 1998. We are one of only six certified golf courses in the state. During our certification one of the requirements was to form a resource advisory committee consisting of at least two club members.

I believe one of the first things we need to do is to reform our advisory committee since it has been, to the best of my knowledge, inactive at least since my arrival here at Granite Bay. The re-formation of this advisory committee I hope can be an agenda item at our next golf committee meeting. If there are any members that have any input or would like to serve on this committee please contact me preferably before the next golf committee meeting on 8/10/10.

Some of the items I would like to address through the Granite Bay Audubon Resource Advisory Committee are:
  • Proactive Native Oak Tree Replacement Plan.
  • Creating a Nursery of our own Native Oaks for Replacement
  • “The Wild Life of Granite Bay” – Positive Identification & Documentation of Birds and Wild Life that make Granite Bay their Home.
  •  Existing Native Oak Inventory & Mapping
  • Involving the Memberships Children as much as we can with all items mentioned above as a required Audubon Educational outreach.
This is kind of exciting when you think about some of the different things the club has to offer besides golf, food & drink. I truly am looking forward working with whomever willing, and really taking advantage of our Audubon status and taking it to a new level.

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