Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cart Traffic On Stressed Turf - How you can Help

The article above outlines one of our largest challenges in maintaining the turf here at Granite Bay. As I mentioned above we do daily targeted irrigation adjustments which includes turning irrigation off  in some targeted areas for multiple days to dry out the bentgrass. When we do this it stresses out the ryegrass patches in the afternoon until they get some hand watered. The labor intensity of handwatering does not always allow us to get to every ryegrass spot every day.

Ryegrass area in afternoon stress surrounded by bentgrass

Typically when this stress occurs and receives irrigation from handwatering or the automatic system that coming evening it rebounds adequately until the next afternoon. This situation can be prevalent all summer but particularly acute late summer early fall as the bentgrass thatch (sponge) has become saturated and we attempt to dry the course out.

Another stressed out traffic area in the rough on #12 in the afternoon

Again these areas will revive but in this weak state cart traffic can be very detrimental. This is where you can help. Recognize these areas by their grey / brown color  and do not drive on them with golf carts. The tracking can last for weeks and can be very unsightly. We have all seen it.

Cart Traffic damage on a section of turf that is being nursed back. The tracking remains for weeks

This is an area where the membership can really help. Not everyone reads these updates so if we spread the word to our fellow members we can really minimize some  ugly damage.

Drive on the Green - Stay away from the Grey  is the rule of thumb. If anyone can come up with a better catch phrase then that, lunch is on me.

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