Friday, September 3, 2010

Southern Blight Update

The Southern Blight infestation that we experienced primarily around green surrounds in July could have been much worse. However the below normal summertime temperature's in both mid July and August helped stop the disease threat, and actually allowed us to germinate cool season ryegrass seed which is normally a difficult thing to do in the summer.

As I explained in an earlier update, we treat around the greens preventively for this disease but conditions became favorable even with the protection. The weather change and another curative treatment allowed us to get the pathogen under control and the unseasonable weather facilitated recovery sooner rather then later.

However some of the areas were close to greens and with the associated traffic along with the importance of the area we decided to re-sod the area. The areas we addressed with sod were #7, #10, and #17 greens. We still have a patch to do at the right bunker on #4 and we will address that next week.

Southern Blight area behind #2 green early July

Recovery of the same area mid August

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