Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring 2012 Aeration

Its that time of the year again when we aerate the playing surfaces at Granite Bay. I have spoken and written a lot about thatch development and the need to mechanically  remove it on all of the playing surfaces here at Granite Bay. Core aeration removes a planned amount of this of this thatch or excessive organic matter ensuring a healthier turf grass enviroment by creating avenues for air and water to freely move within the root zone and by relieving compaction. The down side, as we all know,  is a temporary disruption of the playing surfaces.  Why we get wet in the summer was an entry in this course update from awhile back that does a good job of explaining our somewhat unique situation here at Granite Bay and why core aeration is so important for us not just on our putting surfaces, but for our fairways and green surrounds as well.

Removing aeration cores from the 8th green

New Toro ProCore aerating the
7th Green

Applying topdressing sand #3
When it comes to core aeration of greens, green surrounds (the fringe area directly around the putting surface complex) and fairways they all have one thing in common. These areas are very difficult to complete in a productive and thorough fashion during member play. That is why we have always had alternating closures to aerate greens and decided last year to expand these alternating closures to properly complete fairways and green surrounds.

The following schedule is of course all weather related. The process of core aeration requires dry weather and conditions as we have covered previously. We cannot process the cores or properly drag in topdressing with wet conditions. Currently the forecast is for a couple of dry days leading up to scheduled putting surface aeration which will work just fine. Next Thursday and Friday's forecast are currently not so good so we will just have to wait and see. The Golf Shop morning updates and this blog will update those who are interested in progress and naturally any change of plans.

Aeration Schedule
  • Tuesday April 3rd - Front 9 Greens Aeration     Front 9 Closed. Back 9 Open.
  • Wednesday April 4th - Back 9 Greens Aeration     Back 9 Closed. Front 9 Open.
  • Thursday April 5th - Front 9 Fairway Aeration     Front 9 Closed. Back 9 Open.
  • Friday April 6th - Back 9 Fairway Aeration     Back 9 Closed. Front 9 Open.
  • Monday April 9th through Sunday April 10th     NO Alternating Course Closures
  • Tuesday April 17th - Front 9 Greens Surround Aeration      Front 9 Closed. Back 9 Open.
  • Wednesday April 18 - Back 9 Greens Surround Aeration     Back 9 Closed. Front 9 Open.

Brooming in dried topdressing sand #10 Green

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