Thursday, January 28, 2016

Golf Course Maintenance Weekly Monday January 25 2016

Granite Bay Golf Club is starting off 2016 with a lot of changes even in golf course maintenance although ours are not as dramatic as in the clubhouse and golf shop. Our changes have to do with communicating on a much more consistent basis what our plan's and processes are for the course. I originally set up this online course update to do just that and it evolved into more of a monthly or bi-monthly article on what was done on the course rather than explaining what is happening in the now. Interested Members can get e-mail updates by submitting a e-mail address in the top right hand corner and you will be notified when an update has been posted. My goal is to send out short and sweet weekly updates including pertinent information and of course pictures. 

Current level of FR as of 1/27/16.  As you can see the reservoir is
still below its level at this time last year but should eclipse that mark
in early February.  The drought buster news is snow pack in the
Sierras over 100% of normal for this time of year.

Last week was a wet one. Rainfall measured 2.68" from 1/18/16 through 1/24/16. Total rain so far in January was 5.10" Only two other January's exceeded this  amount at GBGC since 2005. YTD rain season (October-September) accumulation 9.79". Greens remained firm in part due to a light topdressing we applied last week on Thursday ahead of rain on Friday. We have found that light top dressing the greens this winter ahead of a rain event works out well as the rainfall drives the sand into the turf canopy. Since it was so wet last week we were able to shift most of our labor resources into pruning and a re sodding of the wedding ceremony area. With some dry days this week we were able to get out on the course and mow along with allowing carts to leave the path.

Recent pruning efforts at the #15 & #16 bridge. 

Additionally this week we started a irrigation project along the cart path on #18. If you recall previous summers, turf conditions along this path can become marginal. These supplemental irrigation heads will change this situation for this upcoming summer and beyond. In addition  to starting this irrigation project we kept a crew working on the pruning we started  in the #14 green, #15 tee, #16 green, #17 tee area. We hope to finish the pruning in this area by next week and then move these pruning efforts to the fence line along Roseville Parkway starting in the area behind the restroom on #5.

Small sprinkler heads being installed
along cart path on #18 this week.

Trench along #18 cart path.   900' long.
40 new sprinklers. 

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