Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Golf Course Maintenance Weekly 7/27/16

Granite Bay Golf Club Wildlife

One of the benefits of working and playing Granite Bay is how from the beginning The Club was designed to be a habitat for birds and wildlife not just a golf course. The following are pictures of  wildlife  caught right here at The Club that you might be interested in. 
The ponds are full of  wild turtles and one of this guys favorite places to warm up is the rock just off the bridge on #1.
Early in the morning recently I got a shot of this hawk as he was looking for breakfast just off the #3 Tee.
Egrets are not uncommon walking around the pond shallows foraging for food but that doesn't make them any less pretty.
I think I got this picture a few years ago in the fall when these Turkeys are out strutting their stuff on #13.
Years ago I got this baby woodpecker waiting for mom to bring him food. This was in a Oak Tree limb on #2.

Its hard to get close and very rare to see little bobcats like this guy roaming below the ladies tee on #10 early one morning.
Much more common to see coyotes roaming the course. Once in awhile they will stop and pose.

And even though we try to limit our goose population on the course once in awhile a family gets started and we legally have to leave them alone. Actually pretty cool seeing them all waddle around.

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