Monday, April 12, 2021

The Project 2021 - Update #13

 Last Weeks Progress

My intention when our renovation project started was to provide a couple of course updates per week to keep members informed on progress. For various reasons, getting this done has been tough the past few weeks because of the amount of time I have had to spend with hands on construction. The good news  is Ed Reeder, GBGC's resident Golf Committee and Board of Governor's scribe has volunteered to help out, so you will soon be getting  more eloquent and frequent content then what I have been providing. 

Below are some pictures of progress last week which include installation of a new curb for cart path & patio at Tilley's, training and installation of the polymer of the Better Billy Bunker liner and more sod installed around bunkers and greens on #8 & #5.

Monday 4/5/21 we started and finished the demolition of the cart path outside of Tilley's. Wider cart path, new patio seating, fire pit area in the works.

New curb at new Tilley's putting green. The area around Tilley's and # 9 scheduled to be sodded on Thursday 4/15/21. Patio concrete and cart path scheduled to be poured the following Friday & Saturday.

Above is Jerry Lemons (center) , the developer pf the Better Billy Bunker system conducting a training session with Diamond Golf. Contractors must be certified to install the Better Billy Bunker System. In a nutshell there is a  specified gravel layer (minimum 2") installed over a drainage pipe in a ditch which is sprayed with a polymer that adheres and cements the gravel together without filling the capillary (water draining) pores creating a drainage field throughout the entire floor and face of the bunker. Water cannot collect. If water does not collect or back up, sand dose not  load up with water and stay's put even on fairly steep faces.

#2 LH bunker after being sprayed with the Better Billy Bunker polymer.

#1 green side bunker after Better Billy Bunker polymer installation

New sod installed around #8 green and new bunker.

Now sod installed around #5 green and new bunker

Recently installed sod around the new bunker on #5

Above is a shot of just this AM, Monday 4/12/21 of some adjustments the contractor is making to the left hand bank on #9 and softening further the run-up on that left side of the green as well.

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