Saturday, April 17, 2021

The Project 2021 - Update #14

GBGC'S Ground Crew is an integral part of the project

Whether you are a "God is in the details" or a "Devil is in the details" person, it is vital that "what lies beneath" is properly done during a course renovation or later down the road you will be faced with regrets.  Luckily GBGC is blessed with a very capable grounds crew that has been pressed into service to handle the chaos resulting from the application of bulldozers.

Bulldozers are currently reshaping the course to make it both more challenging for low handicappers and more fun for high handicappers, as well as reshaping and recovering our original green sizes.  During this process the existing irrigation lines (and the controlling wires!) can "get in the way" and must be discovered, removed, and replaced.

Our GBGC crew is an integral part of the renovation project, both preparing for the bulldozer work and doing the repairs/reconstruction afterward.

Laying new irrigation lines in a trench we dug

The new wires that control the new irrigation heads must be properly matched to the existing cut wires from the controller boxes to make sure that when you turn on a green's irrigation that you don't get fairway irrigation.  This can be confusing and must be done correctly.

A tangle of wires that must be dealt with

In some cases this gives us the opportunity for significant improvements .  For example the existing irrigation for #11 had just a single controller for the entire green complex.  The replacement irrigation will have four controllers, allowing for a more tailored application of water.

Did you know? As opposed to your residential irrigation systems a golf course's irrigation lines are fully charged 24x7.

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