Saturday, March 4, 2023

2023 Drainage Update #5

I mentioned last week that it is not prudent  to conduct any type of earth disruption work during wet, rainy weather. I also mentioned that the forecast at that time was for rain almost all week, but that forecasts can change, and all we needed was a two-to-three-day window to continue our work. And that is exactly what transpired, allowing us to complete another 200' of drainage on #12 between storms. Below are pictures of the progress for those that are interested.

Forecast from last week did indeed change giving us the opportunity on Thursday & Friday to complete another 200' between the forward bunkers on #12. We actually made preparations by laying out plywood on Wednesday afternoon despite it being pretty wet after it rained all day the previous day.

The fairway was still wet after 2" of rain despite the window of clearing weather. 
We purchased 40 sheets of additional plywood so we wouldn't damage the turf,
which allowed us to not only work in the less-than-ideal wet conditions, but also
work in the frozen mornings that followed this last series of cold storms.

Enrique and crew laying the plywood out and cutting the sod  on Wednesday. 
the first clear day after recent  cold storms that started Friday 2/24/23 and ended
 Tuesday 2/28/23 producing 2" of rain.

Good visual of underground drainage install. This is a Y junction of 4" 
perforated pipe on a bedding of 1" found drain rock 

Above and below are good visuals of the DI (drainage inlet) tie-in and the beginning of the drain 
filled with gravel.

Sod re-installed over the gravel drainage pattern.

Overhead view of the two sections of drainage that was completed the past two weeks between rain storms.

Looks like we have a very similar pattern coming up next week as we did this week. If this pattern holds, we will go for another 200' of drainage on #12, middle of the week.

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