Tuesday, March 28, 2023

2023 Drainage Update #8

The calendar tells us it is springtime, and we have received some glimpses of dry, spring-like weather only to be followed by more rain. Sooner or later the rain will stop and we'll get back to dry conditions and the golf course is set up to respond well as the new Hybrid Bermuda Santa Anna fairways are waking up. 

In the mean time we in GCM will just keep at it. We tackled an area that needed some attention this past Monday 3/27/23 in front of the #5 green. There were two distinct  ditches that settled leading up to the green and an area directly in the front left of the green that needed some drainage work and leveling as well. 

This work would be hard to do when members were playing, so having a large crew tackle the job on a closed Monday was what we had planned but had been getting rained out until yesterday, 3/27/23. We are putting the finishing touches on the work this morning Tuesday 3/28/23 ahead of what we anticipate are some hardy members looking to get a round in before yet  another storm heading our way this morning. Below are pictures of progress.

Panoramic view of all of the sod removed and the scope of work we planned to accomplish on a sunny Monday in front of #5 green ahead of yet another storm.

5' wide section of sod removed and sand being installed, leveled and compacted in the settled ditch / depression  that spanned the entire width of the fairway. Sod to be replaced soon after.

This is a large area as well to the left of the green that needed leveling and some drainage work.

While digging drainage ditches Enrique dug into some red clay. Unusual in our experience here on this property.

Felipe using a plate compactor on the sod after re-installation. Same plate compactor was used on the sand we leveled the depression with prior to putting the sod back.

Finished product across the fairway.

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