Monday, April 3, 2023

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air finally  despite what seems like a prolonged wet winter. Prolonged might not be the proper description because we always get some rainy weather in the spring, but this springs rain might not be as welcome because of the over the top rain season we just experienced. This week, the 2022 - 2023 rain season moved into the third wettest in eighteen years and is less then 1/2" away from the second highest rainfall accumulation in eighteen years. So again by all measures, this rain season has been one of the wettest in GBGC's history. 

The good news is the weather forecast appears to be moving towards a more spring like pattern with more sun and warmer temperatures. Additionally our Santa Anna  Hybrid Bermuda fairways are green and waking up, and all of the drainage work we accomplished over the wet winter is set to pay off as everything starts to grow. Fertilizer and topdressing sand is arriving and awaiting to be applied to the course, our mowers are sharp and tuned, and our GCM staff is ready to take off the rain gear and enjoy the fresh smell of cut grass.

A sign that spring is coming! Best Weather Picture of 2023 taken by our own Sean Geary.


Picture taken Thursday 3/30/23 AM right-hand side #5. 1/2" of rain the previous day &  evening so the water flow line in the middle of the fairway is wet,  but you can see where the rain is not awaiting percolation or evaporation,  the turf, both cool season rough and warm season fairway is ready to go. 

#9 Tee. Ready for the golf season.

#18 Green ready for the golf season as well

Above piles of sand represent 450 tons that was recently delivered to the parking lot for scheduled fairway aeration and topdressing the weeks of April 10th & 17th. This 450 tons will cover holes 5-9 & 14,17,18 and Driving Range. Other locations we are receiving sand are adjacent to the bathrooms on #12 and on the Barton road corner lot. Total amount of sand will be 1000 tons. We are slated to aerify and topdress 9 holes Monday and Tuesday the 10th and 11th of April, and 9 holes Monday and Tuesday the 17th and the 18th. We will be alternating nine holes on those days so there will always be nine holes open. More to come on this.

The forecast we have all been waiting for.

March rainfall was over twice the 18 year average which contributed to moving the 2022-2023 GBGC rain year accumulation into the third most in eighteen years and just under 1/2" of overtaking the 2010-2011 #3 spot. 

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