Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Golf Course Maintenance Weekly 5/23/16 - Day 1 Range Improvements

We made good progress on day one of our planned driving range improvements. The improvements we are focusing on during the four days driving range closure are:

  • 300' of netting up the LH side or range to catch balls from entering #18 FW.
  • Improving the drainage of the synthetic "Tee Line" driving range mat.
  • Redirecting irrigation patterns away from the synthetic "Tee Line" driving range mat.
  • Clean the synthetic "Tee Line" driving range mat.
  • Tree pruning.
  • Core aerification and fertilizing
  • Installing "Yardage Rocks"

Mondays Progress

First step was to remove the sections of dirty driving range mats and bring them to the maintenance yard.

 Once the mats were delivered to a sloped section of the maintenance yard, Kevin and Larry started a process of using golf course high pressure and volume water to flush all of the dirt and debris from the fibers of the mats. 

The process has proven to be painstakingly slow, however effective. 

The finished product felt better under foot as allot of dirt and grime have been washed out of the fibers. 

Looks allot better as well as compared to these rolls of dirty mats.

Now that the mats were removed and concrete pad exposed we can start installing some drainage in the pad to help remove inevitable moisture that will accumulate. 

Here is Miguel saw cutting the pad for drainage inlets that we plan to install that will remove water that accumulates under the mat.

On another front here is the contractor drilling holes for the installation of the poles to support the left side net. Poles will be 8' high and are installed 3-1/2' in the ground. 

All holes drilled without hitting any irrigation. Positive sign.

Enrique working on some tree trimming on the range. I suppose it is fairly obvious by our scope of work listed above that when there is an opportunity to close the  driving range you want to get as much done as you possibly can. Tree pruning is one of them.

My intention is to update every day during our progress this week so interested members can keep up with what is going on out there.  Thanks for your patience during the closure.

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