Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Golf Course Maintenance Weekly 5/24/16 - Day 2 Range Improvements

Progress continued on all items listed in our scope of work on Day 2 of our range improvements evidenced by the pictures below.

In the GCM yard Kevin and Larry continued to wash the driving range mats with high pressure and more importantly high volume water from the golf course irrigation system. It takes a harness attached to the mat to be SLOWLY pulled by a tractor to move the fibers in position for flushing.

We switched to  a larger pipe today making the process easier and slightly more efficient. It will take 2 guys 4 days to get these things clean.

Back at the range, Miguel jackhammers the concrete pad which he saw cut yesterday in preparation for drainage inlets to carry off  any irrigation or rain that might get under the driving range mat.

Drainage pipe exposed and ready for drain install.

Installed drainage inlet and pipe into existing drainage line.

Another task listed on the scope of work was getting golf course irrigation directed away from the artificial mat and pad which we have identified as a cause of premature mat deterioration. Our irrigation water comes out of the pond between holes #1 & #9 and not the cleanest as far as particulates. Moving  irrigation and maintaining coverage is something we are proficient at.

However it looks like a bomb went off when we are in the process of doing it.

On the left hand side of the range the contractor installs the posts for the net.

Out on the range we are aggressively core aerifying during the 4 day closure.

Aerification pattern.

We continued tree pruning as well on day 2. Below are the guys spreading the chipped material in the rock formation at the top of the range.

More progress will be made on day 3 as we wrap up drainage, irrigation, net installation, aerification and tree pruning. Thanks again for your patience.

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