Thursday, May 26, 2016

Golf Course Maintenance Weekly 5/25/16 - Day 3 Range Improvements

Day 3 of our 2016 Range Improvements brought completion to some of the items listed on our original scope of work.

Drainage Inlets that were installed day 2 were set in concrete today

Core aerification was completed on the entire range but while doing so we encountered a unexpected issue that required attention before going to the next step.

The issue was that the aerifying process dislodged and brought to the surface years of imbedded range balls that needed to be removed prior to breaking up the cores with the verticle mower.

We estimated over 1000 lost balls.

This is what an aerifyer can do to a golf ball.

With the balls removed we can now progress to chopping up the aerification cores with the verticle mower.

After that we can sweep up the debris.

We finished up all the tree pruning we could on Day 3 yet had to reallocate man power to other priorities so we could complete the entire job on time. We could probably do a week or more's worth of tree pruning on the range.

Reconfiguration of all of the irrigation around the synthetic mat concrete pad is proving to be a time consuming process. Here we are filling irrigation line ditches. There is allot of meticulous hand work involved when cutting irrigation lines in existing turf.

Below is the contractor putting the finishing touches on the net install.

We chose an option of using treated 2"X 12"base boards along the bottom of the net like the right hand side netting protect the netting of getting hung up and ripped with the ball picker.

Finished netting up the right hand side. This should gather the vast majority of balls that escape the range and get out into #18.

Day 4 will be our final push. We will finish the irrigation reconfiguration, install drainage panels on the concrete pad and reinstall the flushed  driving range mat. Additionally we will place some more yardage rocks so you can zero in more yardage targets on the range. One more day.

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