Thursday, March 21, 2019

Spring Aerification Update Part II

Our planned putting surface aerification for Monday 3/25/19 is now in jeopardy as the forecast for rainfall has gotten worse. Rather then being sunny and dry on Sunday and dry until the afternoon on Monday, the forecast now is for partly cloudy conditions on Sunday along with off and on showers throughout the day on Monday. Unfortunately, as I stated in the preceding update, this work cannot be done when it is too wet or certainly not in the rain.

Current Weather Underground Forecast

As far as process goes, we are not going to change the process of how we aerate greens because of a setback with spring wet weather. The potential of weather setbacks were always a reality when we moved GBGC's traditional spring aeration dates back to March from April several years ago. Bottom line is we have to take care of the green's and core aerification is one of those necessary procedures that must be done to help ensure  healthy greens during the upcoming Granite Bay summer.

Core Aerfication of #17 Green at GBGC

With fairways, surrounds & rough we can change up our process a little. Rather then coring these areas we can use a solid tine which just pokes a hole in the surface as opposed to removing the core. This "solid-tine cultivation" process can be done when soil moisture levels are higher and require no real cleanup. Therefore we wont need to change our current two week schedule because the solid tine process could be done ahead of golf play and with little disruption of the surface. We relied on solid-tine aeration on the fairways last spring when confronted with the same weather situation.

Solid Tine Aerifyer - Tine Closeup

Solid Tine Cultivation Pattern

So our current plan is to aerate the greens on Monday 3/25/19 as planned if we can. Tuesday 3/26 through Thursday 3/28's current forecast is not much better then Monday. However if it changes we will jump on any opportunity to get the greens done if we couldn't on Monday, or jump on fairways or surrounds if we did. Current forecast is for  clearing on Friday 3/29 through Saturday 3/30 and hopefully that trend will hold. So if we are not able to aerate greens on Monday 3/25/19 or afterwards, we will do it on Monday 4/1/19, one week later. Hopefully.

We will keep you informed of this fluid scheduling scenario. Thanks.

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