Sunday, March 17, 2019

Spring is in the Air

The Spring Equinox this year is next Wednesday 3/20/19 and will be marked  by a Full Super Moon. Weather forecast for this day is currently cloudy with showers, but we should be able to see this Super Moon the next morning or evening if one is so inclined. This upcoming spring of 2019 was proceeded by one of the wettest winters we have had in 14 years of weather tracking with our GBGC weather station. February of 2019 was the wettest February in 14 years and by all measure's  current Statewide Reservoir Conditions as well as the current Snow Conditions and the reservoir that is nearest and dearest to our hearts, Folsom Reservoir, will all be in good shape for irrigation water this year.

Precipitation Data from GBGC's weather station

Walnut Shell Washouts

Our course actually takes rainfall very well as we are blessed with a topography that allows most of this water to quickly runoff  to our drainage system. Walnut shell areas are a different story as they are unstable and when they wash out,  the native soil becomes exposed and has eroded in may areas along cart paths and turf edges. Our plan is to actually add and compact some decomposed granite in some of these degraded areas prior to refreshing the walnut shells this spring. We are hoping to get this work done concurrently with our upcoming spring aeration.

Walnut shell & soil washout #12 tee

Washout along cart path #2.

Spring Aeration

This years spring aeration is scheduled to start Monday 3/25/19. Current weather forecast is for some rain  ahead of our scheduled start so we keep everyone informed of any schedule changes due to the weather.

Current forecast

Bunker Repair

Fortunately much of the rain that has fallen this winter has been sustained, steady rain with a minimal amount of hard rain events that severely washout our sand traps. Even though we haven't had any severe washouts, it seems like we have been in a state of constant bunker recovery the month of February. Once it dried out this past week we did take a opportunity to do some much needed sod repair around green side bunkers on #1, #4 & #18. We plan to address some more of this work on green side bunkers on #15 next week. 

New sod work green side bunker #4 green

additional sod work # 18 green rear

New Driving Range Mats & Clocks

Last week we upgraded our driving range mats to Turf Hound teeing surfaces. The new mats have better options for hitting off tight lies or a simulated rough cut along with much better options for using a tee. Due to arrive any time are two clocks, one for behind the driving range and another for the #1 tee and practice green. We will install these as soon as they arrive.

Newly installed TurfHound Mats

Similar clock design that will be arriving
to The Club any day

Turf Conversion Project Update

We are currently on track to complete the re-grassing of  the remaining surrounds on the golf course along with #17 fairway with hybrid bermuda starting August 1. The contractor we have selected estimates it will take three weeks to complete the slated work. We will not be completely closed during construction but will be utilizing some temporary greens while working on certain holes and will have to close #17 during parts of the construction process. Much, much more to come.


There will be allot going on at the course this year as we approach spring and commencement of a a turf renovation project later this summer. We will communicate on many fronts from the golf shop daily e-mail blasts as well as the Granite Bay Course Update website. If any member is interested in getting notifications when the Granite Bay Course Update has posted some new information you can "follow by e-mail" in the top right hand corner of the website. My intention is to update more frequently this year as we do have allot going on. Thanks as always for your support.

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