Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Spring Aerification Update

We are scheduled to start our spring turf aerification this coming week on Monday 3/25/19. Our plan is to aerify greens on Monday when the golf course will be closed, then start on fairways and green surrounds on Tuesday 3/26/19 through Thursday 3/28/19 utilizing alternating front nine and back nine closures. The following week we have the same schedule planned of alternating closures Tuesday 4/2/19 through Thursday 4/4/19 to finish fairways and surrounds.  However it looks like the weather might spoil our plans as none of this work can be done in the rain or when it is too wet.

Current Weather Underground forecast

 We are still planning to move ahead with the greens as it is forecasted to be dry all day Sunday then start raining again later in the day on Monday. This could be a big enough window to get the greens done but as we all know, six day out weather forecasts can change. 

We will keep you informed of all delays and  aeration re-scheduling as we get closer to the end of this week.  Thanks

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