Tuesday, February 2, 2021

GBGC Board of Governors Minutes January 2021

Board of Governors January 7, 2021 Minutes


Michael Peabody, Dan Becker, Gary Dunn, Steve Hunter Sr., Ed Reeder, Matt Russello, Scott Vanderbeek, Jason Walker


These are the minutes of the first meeting of the new GBGC Board of Governors, chaired by Dan Becker.  Meeting minutes will be published and made available via the Granite Bay Golf Club Course Update and member email distributions.

The Board views one of its important duties is to act as a communication vehicle among the GBGC members, GBGC staff, and ClubCorp.  If you have any issues/comments please address them to a Board member.

This meeting was primarily a kickoff meeting as many of the key agenda items are not yet finalized (expect much more detailed minutes in the future).

General Manager Update

Michael Peabody reported that decisions on the golf course project and budgets were on the verge of being announced.

Membership Updates

The new Membership Director Eric Gray, a PGA Class A Professional, is doing an outstanding job.  Memberships are close to capacity.

Food and Beverage Updates

·         While we have not had a recent Customer Satisfaction Survey reports are that members are very pleased with the food (the last survey had record highs for customer satisfaction).

·         F&B numbers are good and employees are happy.  The employees have been rock stars during the pandemic, wearing multiple hats as needed.  ClubCorp is doing a good job taking care of employees affected by Covid.

·         As needed, we will adapt operations to conform with the current Covid restrictions.

Golf Committee Updates

·         The Golf Committee will be reinstated once the course update plans are finalized.

·         Dan Becker will temporarily head the committee until a replacement is recruited.

General / Other

·         No plans for future meetings and topics could be made until we receive details on the golf course project and budget.

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