Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Project 2021 - Update #3

Today marks day #10 of our 2021 course renovation project and we are getting our precise scope of work further defined as well making substantial progress on completion of the short game area. We improved the main 3500 square foot, 40 yard chipping area by making it substantially flatter and added an elevated 60 yard teeing / chipping area to the rear of the site. Unfortunately this new attractive tee does not have enough square footage to sustain the amount of activity we suspect it will  receive, so we are going to have to install artificial hitting surface for the area. Additionally we were able to locate some sod for the new chipping green so we can get it open sooner which we are now anticipating opening the short game area by June.

Since our last update allot of progress has been made on the new addition to the #9 green and Tilley's practice green area. We have decided to add to the rear of the #9 green and combine it with a brand new Tilley's practice green which will wrap around a relocated 414 yard combo tee. Enjoy the pictures below chronicling progress thus far.

Thanks as always for your support and patience.

New "Dominator" bentgrass sod being installed on the new chipping green. Dominator is a blend of bentgrass varieties consisting of 007 & 777 bentgrass. This is the bentgrass of choice of ClubCorp because of proven performance everywhere we have grown it. The rest of the greens will be seeded rather then sodded which will give us a much better end product. We decided to sod this green after locating some Dominator Sod because we can get it opened sooner. The down side of sodding a green is the sod inherently comes with more thatch then we want and will have to be mechanically removed via aerification.

Above is the freshly sodded chipping green. 

Goodbye old Tilley's. I'm sure many a fond memory. Many new memories
to come.

View from the First tee side of the new Tilly's Putting Green cavity. In the foreground  behind the stakes will be the new location of the 414 combo tee.

View's  from the back of the excavated #9 green looking onto the very beginnings of a new addition to the green which will combine with an brand new Tilley's green. I'll share many more pictures of this area in the days to come as we continue to shape it. 

Newly shaped shallow "splash" bunker behind # 9 green

View from Tilley's patio looking at the beginning of the new Tilley's green site

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