Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Project 2021 - Update #2

Today marks day #5 of the 2021  Granite Bay Golf Club renovation project and things are really starting to get cooking. Two of  Diamond Golf's best shapers have arrived at GBGC and are getting up to speed. We were unable to locate any of the bentgrass sod  variety we wanted for the short game green so we will be seeding it  next week as well as starting the shaping on the new Tilley's green and #9. 

Unfortunately access to the golf course from the surrounding neighborhoods will be restricted during construction and turf grow-in. Club Corp and Diamond International have had too many safety related incidents and near miss catastrophes that has made this policy non-negotiable. Good news is Kevin Marshall will be setting up guided tours of the construction zones in the very near future. Communication on those tours will be forthcoming. 

More pictures below and  updates to come next week. Thanks as always for your support and patience.

Newly added gates to restrict traffic on the golf course construction zone during the Renovation project. Gates will be installed on #5, #6 & #13 to restrict access from neighborhoods temporarily during construction and grow-in.

Collaboration of GBGC GCM & Diamond Golf on moving sod from #9 surround to new short game area. 

Stripped #9. Moved to short game area.

Things are starting to move.  D4 Caterpillar parked on top of the #9 green. 

The final shape of the new short game green from the bottom of the new bunker.

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