Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Project 2021 - Update #10

 "On many courses there are far to many bunkers. The sides of the fairways are riddled with them, and many of the courses would be equally interesting and infinitely more pleasurable if half of the bunkers were turfed over and converted into grassy hollows."  ( Alister MacKenzie - The Spirit of St. Andrews p. 57 by Alister MacKenzie)

Bunker Renovation - Shaping

We've settled on a way of cataloging "The Project 2021" course updates using the  labels of   this online format, which are to the left of this update. This way a Member can click on the label and the  content that has been written on any given part of the renovation will be available as a group. 

Todays update focuses on Bunker Renovation. I mentioned the particulars we are utilizing in our new bunkers in a previous course update entitled  Renovation Decisions & Philosophy We will be installing a Better Billy Bunker drainage system and installing Idaho White Sand, the details of which will be covered under the label "Bunker Renovation" as we progress. What we wanted to share today is the particulars on some of the re-shaping of the bunkers that is underway as well as the re-shaping of their associated green surrounds. Below are a series of pictures along with some narrative that show the work in progress. 

This aerial view encapsulates some of the design philosophy that Jay and Salvador are incorporating into the renovation. This is the replacement of the right hand fairway bunker on #9 fairway. The bunker was built right on top of the old bunker and moved seven yards closer to the landing area. Notice the large cut of earth out of the fairway directly in front of this bunker. That cut was made mainly to expose the front edge of the bunker as the land form previously obstructed your vision. Design Philosophy: "...opening up sight lines to make all features visible to competitors." In order to achieve this feature on this bunker GCM had to remove irrigation heads, line & wires which will all have to be put back.

This is the newly added bunker on the left hand side of the fairway on #9. This was added exclusively for the low handicapper while teeing off from the new tournament tee creating the risk reward this caliper of player craves.  Design Philosophy: "Create a fun and rewarding experience for the mid to upper handicapper, and a challenging and rewarding experience for the low handicapper."

Low handicappers will have to hit it 270  from the new tournament tee level to clear this new bunker on the left hand side of #9.

Above is the redesign of the greenside bunker on #1. The bottom of this bunker is 12" higher then it was but the design feature I like the most is the finger coming down in the middle of the bunker separating the right portion from the left. The size, shape of this finger was indeed form following function as players can enter or exit this bunker from above easily. Design Philosophy: "Make subtle adjustments to the course to enhance original design and make the course play like it opened today without losing the integrity of the original design concepts." 

Another view of greenside bunker on #1.

Another view from the landing area.

The beginning of the new greenside bunker on #4. This shape begins with the lead shaper on a 
 D-4 Caterpillar.

View from afar of the same bunker taking rough shape along with the rest of the green surround and approach.  

Diamond Golf's finishing crew beginning the finishing process of the new greenside bunker on #4.

Obviously there is allot more work to go on just bunkers alone not to mention the rest of the course and I'm looking forward to sharing more as we continue to progress phase to phase all the way around the course. Thanks as always for your support!


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