Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Project 2021 - Update #5

Today marks day #16 of Granite Bay Golf Clubs renovation project. It has become very evident to me that this type of golf course renovation and scope of work will inherently create subtle changes to all playing surfaces involved. Our intent is to have these changes flow with the natural land forms but fix the many areas that need subtle change, and address when appropriate the member items brought forth through the Golf Committee. 

We would definitely like to thank Dan Becker for his tireless advocacy for the membership and the golf course. He has the ear of Club Corp Agronomy and has relayed all of your concerns and ideas. Most of the ideas and comments Club Corp Agronomy has already noticed including the items I have been personally told about by members over the years. I can tell you that  most concern's or comment's regarding the golf course that has been brought to me and relayed to Club Corp Agronomy  have been enthusiastically validated and will be addressed in this renovation. Basically they see the same things that you have seen.

 A picture is worth a thousand words so below are some shots of progress since Monday 3/1/21. I'll provide another update by the end of the week.

Thanks as always for you support and patience.

We have made a selection for our new bunker sand. The Bright White bunker sand above and on the left is called Idaho White. Why? Because it is hauled all the way from Emmett Idaho.
It is a superior bunker sand  as it is mostly angular in shape so provides a firm bunker sand 
(4.5 kg/cm2 penetrometer) that prevents the dreaded "fried egg lie"
and it drains well (32.1 in/hr. infiltration). 
This is a very highly rated sand by the USGA and surpasses the USGA guidelines for bunker sand which is >20 in hr. Infiltration & a Penetrometer reading of >2.4 kg/cm2. Regional clubs who currently use this sand are Olympic Club, Lahontan, Castlewood, Silverado, Yocha Dehee.

Stripping off the old green on #1 on Monday. Progress.

We will be expanding patio seating area outside of Tilleys and the cart path coming off the #9 green and will fix the flooding issue at Tilleys when these drains can not handle the shed of water off the path and backs up into our favorite pub.

New "Splash Bunker" behind #9 green hollowed out for new "Better Billy Bunker Liner" or what is known in the industry as "BBB Bunkers". I will chronicle much more on this as the bunkers get completed but in the mean time anyone who is interested in more information click on the below link.

The Better Billy Bunker Method

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