Monday, March 15, 2021

The Project 2021 - Update #8

"In large Measure, the popularity which the game of golf will enjoy in  the future depends on the quality of the courses we provide for the players of the future. A great majority of the players, then as it is now, will be average golfers. Our courses must be built for them as well as the scratch man." (Robert Trent Jones II - Foreword in the Spirit of St. Andrews; Alister MacKenzie)

Today marks day 28 of our Granite Bay Golf Club renovation project and progress continues despite close to a inch and a half of rain over the past week. Rain substantially slows down most activities in outdoor construction, but we were able to stay busy working on preparing tee levels, which have a lot of sand content and can be worked when regular soil cannot because it's too wet. Below are pictures of recent progress.

#9 Tee after laser leveling and adding a sand cap. The tee level at the back is a new tournament level behind the older tournament level which still needs sand capping. 

#1 & #10 Tees getting the laser level / sand cap treatment today. Club level has been expanded to the rear to get us more teeing area. The new Combo level across the cart path will have a entirely different line to the landing area and will have enough room to occasionally put the Club tee blocks back there, and for special occasions even the the Granite's.

#2 Tees with the D-4 Cat doing the initial shaping just prior to laser leveling and sand capping. Notice the new forward tee location for the ladies bringing their level closer to the cart path. 

#8 Green stripped of sod on the original perimeter of the green. My next course update will chronicle these first steps of what can only be described as a  greens restoration process. It is amazing how much a green can shrink or grow and certainly elevate over two and a half decades. Stay Tuned.

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