Monday, March 29, 2021

The Project 2021 - Update #11

 "There should be heroic carries but always an alternate route." (Alister MacKenzie 1920 - quoted in Golf As It Should Be, 1996 by Mark Parsinen)

Tee Renovation

The Scope of Work for our current course renovation at Granite Bay  includes enlarging, moving and adding additional teeing levels to the course. The purpose for this is to provide additional teeing area, lengthen the course to just over 7000 yards and provide the alternate routes Dr. MacKenzie mentioned above.

Some of the big expansions are the tournament tees on #4, #9, #12 & #11 as well as pushing back for additional teeing area #13 & #14 club tees. Relocation of the forward ladies tees on #2 is in process and we are looking at some moves to #16 forward and combo ladies tees as well. Below are some pictures of what is happening to date on the Granite Bay Tee's.

Above is an overhead view of #9 tee showing the expansion and leveling of all levels as well as the addition of the new tournament tee.

Ground level view of the new tournament tee on #9

Here is an overhead view of the future #4 tournament tee. 

Ground level of the material being stacked up for the new tournament level on #4

Not much to look at right now, but picture shows an overhead view of the beginning of the new location for the forward cobble tees on #2 closer to the cart path.

Very early ground level view of the #2 cobble tee location.

Ground level view of the area directly behind the club tee on #13 where we have removed several rocks and can now expand this space inhibited tee level backwards. Doesn't look like much right now, but we will be able to at least double in size the teeing area on this level.


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